Dealing with Spam Text messages from random (changing) numbers

I’ve received 5 spam texts in the last 15 minutes which contain simply a download button. I’m assuming those are payloads that will do bad things to my phone. All the spam messages are from different numbers, so blocking an individual number will not do any good.

How do I prevent this from continuing?

Hi @stephenm,

Frankly, there isn’t a great way to preemptively block Spam texts. Some more information might help us better help you. Am I understanding correctly, all that’s received is an attached download? There’s no text of any kind?

You also mention a download button. Generally, attached downloads in text messages are text links (URLs) rather than buttons. Just to confirm, you’re seeing a graphical download button?

Additionally, may we know which phone you’re using with Republic and which text messaging app you’re using on the phone. Does its icon look like this :anywhere:, this :messages:, this :messaging: or something else?

Hi Roland,

No text in these messages and just a download button (not a link I can recognize). I’m the default Messaging program that Republic requires me to use and have an icon like :messages:. This is all on a Samsung Galaxy S7.


And I just got another spam message from another number.

In the drag down on Android, it says “New MMS message to download”. I’m not touching that with an ten foot poll.

The bad thing, is that was from a number I’ve already blocked. So, why did I get notifications about it? Notifications include vibration, icon on the top and pull down from the top of the screen (and probably a flashing light, but I didn’t notice).

Hi @stephenm,

I’d like to get a better understanding of what you see. It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words. Would be be able to post a screenshot of one of these text messages?

Some help if needed:

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Hi @rolandh this same thing happened to me last night. In the course of an hour I got MMS messages from 6 or 7 different unknown numbers that only contained a “download mms” button. I have the Moto g5 play phone.

I’m attaching screenshots of what the message looks like in the notification tray and in the messages app.

I’ve reported spam on the messages that I’ve gotten, but then I got more while I was asleep from different numbers.

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Same here, @rolandh I’ve been receiving texts just like these on my Galaxy S8 with Android Messages.

I, too, have just started receiving these same texts. The first one came in a week and a half ago. I blocked the number, but this morning, I’ve received one from another number. I blocked this one also and deleted, so I can’t take a screenshot, but it looked identical to the one above. I’m pretty sure I’m on a G5 Play by Moto, too. And am using Google Messages App.

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