Decision Time in Mexico - Do I have to drop out of Republic Wireless?

I now live in Guanajuato, Mexico with twice yearly visits to the U.S. - I have been using Republic wireless using wifi while in Mexico and cellular/wifi on my visits to the states.
I now feel I need cellular here in Mexico and from what I understand - I cannot use Republic or even use my Republic phone with a different SIM card to get on a Verizon or ATT North America plan. That means, I think, that I have to buy a new phone & carrier and drop Republic after many years with Republic. Am I correct in believing that I have to bailout?

Which Phone do you have?
Republic legacy (and beta) phones (Defy, Moto X1, G1, E1, X2, E2, G3) can not be used with any other carrier.
the newer phones can use SIM cards from other carriers (assuming that carrier will allow that phone)

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I have the Moto E4

You are correct, Republic does not offer cellular service outside the US. The Moto E4 however can use a SIM card from a Mexican carrier, without issue (or with most US carriers as well).


Thank You for your assistance.

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