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I would like to enact more of the security features on my phone, and was looking to lock my SIM card with a PIN. How do I find the manufacturer’s default SIM PIN unlock code?

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Hi @melissah.9nlqiz

Are you looking for a PIN to control the transfer of your number to another carrier? You now set your PIN using the instruction in the document at this link:

If you are trying to accomplish something else, please provide a bit more input on what that is.




I am looking to set a lock PIN for my SIM card, should my phone fall into
the wrong hands. When I attempt to do this on my Moto G4 Play, I am asked
to enter the SIM PIN, however, I have never set one in the past. I’m
assuming that there is a default from the manufacturer, but I don’t know
what it is.



Also, I had already set a PIN through my account settings, but when I tried
that one, I was told it was wrong and that I only had two tries left. Maybe
I need to wait longer for the system to update my PIN?


Thanks for the clarification. If the default SIM PIN of 1234 does not work, you will need to open a support ticket.

The PIN in account settings is not the same as the SIM PIN you are trying to set.

Here is the link to opening a support ticket:


The PIN one sets in the Republic My Account portal and a SIM lock/unlock password are different things. Typically, the default SIM lock/unlock password is 1234. Other than preventing someone from moving the SIM to different phone, locking the SIM is of little use. You might find this guidance from a fellow Republic member to be more useful: My phone is lost or was stolen - now what?.


Hi Rolandh,

Actually, someone taking/having unauthorized access to my SIM is precisely
my concern. I had an incident recently which I don’t want a repeat of.



Thank you, that worked.


I understand what you’re saying. Generally, unlike with flip phones, there’s no information other than one’s phone number tied to a smartphone’s SIM. Contacts, text messages, etc. are all stored on the phone itself, not the SIM. If a phone and/or SIM is lost or stolen, Republic is able to block use of one’s phone number until replacement is effected.


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