Defective Moto Z battery

My Moto Z was a battery champ, but then, literally overnight, it dropped from 18 hours down to less than 6. Then apps kept crashing the phone. Also, the battery would drain from 70% down to 0 in a matter of 5 minutes! I think I know what the problem is. When I’m connected to the charger, the phone works just fine. This led me to believe the the battery can no longer supply either the voltage, or the amperage to drive the phone’s ability to process the operations. I’m replacing the battery, and hope that works.

Have you tried restarting the phone in Safe Mode and see if you observe the same fast discharge behavior? If it works better in Safe Mode then it could point to a runaway app that might have been recently installed or updated…that could be draining your battery.

If it is the original Moto Z…then it is not uncommon for the battery to be the cuplrit given the age of the phone…but usually batteries get weaker over a period of time and don’t abruptly die in the way you are experiencing.

Also, if you look at the Battery Usage…it may show you what app(s) are using majority of your battery life.
Settings -> Battery -> Usage Details

Yup, did all that alongside thousands of others who were advised the same thing. Lenovo has buried their heads in the sand on this issue. It’s definitely a flaw in the phone. Perhaps a class action lawsuit might wake them up

Here’s another thing worth trying before you go the battery replacement route.

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Thanks. Did that too. Still a no go

ok…good luck with your battery replacement…let us know how that goes.

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