Defective Phone Charge


My phone, which was purchased from Republic would not take the most recent update, after many attempts to resolve the issue, Republic issued me a replacement phone on their advise.

The old phone was sent back and I just received noticed that my credit card was charged $526 for the $400 phone, because of “unknown” damage and some scratches?

I believed the replacement phone was sent as a warranty replacement and now I’m being informed that due to “unknown” damages and scratches, I’m was charged 131% of the original cost of the phone! This is not acceptable. I was not advised of any pending charges with the reaplacment phone in any of my conversation with Republic tech support. Please advise


This is a good example of where I would want phone based support so I could call and yell at someone. Put in a Republic Help request or hit the “Chat Now” button at that link. You can see a list of charges at Return and Replacement Policy . Perhaps you had a screen lock enabled on the phone you returned?