Defy phone problem

I have a defy phone from 2012 that will not boot up. Did a cache erase then went to boot back up and just get the Motorola icon. Battery is fully charged. If this cannot be fixed can I activate 1 of 2 other RW Defy phone that I have that used to be on my account? Money is tight for me at the present time. Do you have a payment plan incase I have to get a new phones?

Hi @larcnt

Have you tried removing the battery when the phone is already powered down? If you try this, be sure the phone is turned off, remove the battery for 30 seconds, replace it and try to turn the phone on.

Reactivations are no longer possible for the Defy XT.

Republic has a partner that offers financing for phone and accessory purchases. You can read more about them here:

Financing with Affirm

That was the 1st thing I did.

Thanks letting me know. I don’t have any other ideas, sorry

If cost is a concern, you could also consider a used Republic Wireless phone. You can find used models on e-commerce sites such as eBay or Here is a link to a guide for buying and selling used Republic Wireless phones:

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

Here is the list of phones that will work with your plan:

Moto E1 XT1019
Moto E2 XT1526 - make sure it’s the Republic Wireless version
Moto G1 XT1031
Moto G3 XT1548 - make sure it’s the Republic Wireless version
Moto X1 XT1049
Moto X2 XT1094

Hi @larcnt,

Please open a support ticket and explain just what you’ve explained here: That your DEFY XT will no longer boot, that you have spare DEFY XTs you’ve just learned cannot be re-activated, and that money is tight.

Thanks @southpaw@rw I just did per you advice.

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