Defy XT - beta plan - Incoming call rings then hangs up then calls back on Wifi



What phone do you have? Defy XT

What plan are you on? Beta plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all

Issue Description

For about 1-2 months, if my Defy XT is on Wifi and I receive a call, when I slide to answer the call it hangs up the call, then it sends the phone to the lock screen. When I unlock the screen it automatically calls the original caller back who then answers the phone and asks what the heck is going on. If I turn off Wifi, it works ok. I’ve done PRL, Profile and System updates.

I mentioned this to another Defy XT user, who said they have started experiencing the same thing.

Model XT557, Android 2.3.7, Baseband PCR, Kernel Apps_2.6.38.6-perf, Build 1_65K_1027

With Defy can't answer call, then it calls the number back
Can't receive phone calls

Congratulations on continuing to rock the Defy XT!
We have dwindling number of community contributors who might still have an active defy xt.
Maybe, you can try opening a help ticket and see if support can help you out.


I also have the Defy XT, and have recently started having the same problem. It occurs on every incoming call on WiFi. I don’t have any solution for you, but wanted to let you know that it is looking like an across the board problem for those of us still on the Defy.


Hi @gator73,

We are investigating the matter, thanks to the tickets opened by @wjh and one other member. If you would, please open a ticket and ask that it be investigated as part of master ticket 1525471.

(Tagging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.)


Thank you for the quick replay. I had just opened a ticket before I received your message. I went back and added the master ticket number.
Have to say, I love the forum, it has been a great deal of help over the past six years. I would not have known that this was a Defy wide issue without the forum, I had been trying various tests including removing apps to see if something had changed on my end.


Same issue here. I opened a ticket yesterday after a factory reset didn’t fix the problem. Sad part is after the reset a bunch of my contacts are not getting my texts anymore. Grrrr


What phone do you have? Defy XT

What plan are you on? Defy Plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? both, I think

The old Defy just got buggy today. First, calls were difficult to answer; it looked like the call was dropped, but the connection was made. Soon after, it was impossible to answer, then after several ‘rings’ it calls the number back. Hoping to get a little more out of this old phone…if we can solve this issue. Thanks.


Hello @jimnjo sorry no one has had any advice (the Defy is getting up there in age at this point.)

If I recall correctly the Beta phones did not seamless hand off between the WiFi and Cell and would do drop the call off WiFi then call back on Cell could that have been the case here

I will note the Defy is now over 6 years old design (release in August of 2012) and even then using 2011 specs as it was design as rugged phone


Hi @jimnjo,

Were you on Wi-Fi at the time of these issues? What you’re describing where the phone calls back is how the DEFY handles the transition from Wi-Fi to cell. If you were on a Wi-Fi network that was having some difficulty maintaining a call (or even establishing it) the call would be re-established on cell.


Yes, the problem occurred on Wi-fi, and calls could be received without issue on cell, and the Wi-fi seemed fine for any other device (MotoX phone, tablet). But I didn’t think the DEFY had any of that capability…my (perhaps incorrect) understanding was that any kind of hand-off capability came with later phones and better software. In any case, we are limping along with that old phone until we decide which upgrade to purchase. Thanks for checking in!


I seem to be having the same problem. Past couple of weeks the few calls I get (on wifi) will ring, I answer and it keeps ringing. Then it’ll give up and try to call back like you said earlier.

Defy XT that’s long in the tooth.


Hi @bearrito,

What I failed to understand in @jimnjo’s initial explanation is that what’s new about this issue is that an incoming call on Wi-Fi cannot be answered because it automatically triggers the hand-over action.

We are investigating this matter in master ticket 1525471. Please open a ticket, explain what your phone is doing, and ask that it be investigated as part of that master ticket.

If you are on a Wi-Fi network that you know to be capable of supporting calls, we would suggest as a temporary workaround, keeping the phone on Airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled when you are on the Wi-Fi network, as that does appear to prevent the handover action, allowing you to receive calls on Wi-Fi.

Edited to add: I’ve moved @jimnjo and @bearrito’s comments into another topic on the same matter, so we can focus the conversation in a single place.


We solved our problem by replacing that old and pretty much worn out Defy (though liked the small size…). Too late now try that work-around with airplane mode.


Any progress on finding the problem and developing a solution?


My Defy XT is now working correctly again on my work wifi. I still want to test it out on other networks and test my other defy xt. I’ll let the group know. I did not do a factory reset or set the phone in airplane mode as others have suggested. RW must have changed something.


can confirm. Mine is now also working. What ever they did seems to have fixed my texting issue also.


I had an exchange with Customer Support. They confirmed that an issue had been identified and a fix implemented. They are waiting to see if it solves the problem for all Defy users.
I tested my incoming calling and it is working correctly now, so I had them close my ticket.


Both my Defy XTs are working now. I told them to close my ticket also. Thanks for everybody’s help.


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