Defy XT can't call over wifi

Lately, it seems when I try to connect to make calls over wifi, I get the following message:

Web Page not available - followed by a long link from - saying the website “might be temporarily down or it may have permanently to a new web address.”

I have no issues accessing and calling over wifi at home or at my place of employment. Right now i am trying to access wifi in a hotel room. I am connected to wifi, but when I try to login to the hotel providers site to enter my credentials, i get the message above.

I am currently successfully on my laptop via this hotel’s wifi.

Is it time for a new phone?

Hi @terryh.9lmlym

This past post looks like it might give an answer. It’s long! But I would try what @richard.p suggests here: Moto X won't prompt for wifi password for hotel network

Cutting to the chase try :wink:
Connected to the WiFi network with NO cellular data connection, you can also open a browser and navigate to - this should force the captive portal to load."

Be curious to know if it works for you! Let us know! :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much. I will give it a try tomorrow.

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