DEFY XT: How to find out your phone's Sprint number


Every Republic phone has a second phone number that is used to deliver calls to the phone when Wi-Fi isn’t available. You might be receiving unwanted texts or calls at that number because it was recycled from a former Sprint mobile customer. So it’s good to know your Sprint number so you can verify the caller has called it, and so you can add it to the National Do Not Call Registry.

These instructions assume your phone has updated its software since you received it - you can confirm that by looking at Settings / About phone, and build number should be 1_65K_1027. If it’s not, go to Settings / About phone / Phone updates / System updates to get updated Also, you must have cell service to complete these steps.

  1. Open Settings, tap About phone, then Phone updates, then Update profile. Wait for that process to complete - the phone will reboot.
  2. Open Settings, tap Call Settings, then Voicemail settings, then Volcemail number. Record this phone number - this is the phone’s Sprint number.
  3. Change the Voicemail number back to 2 1 4 - 6 6 4 - 9 1 4 7 (step 1 incorrectly made the phone’s Sprint number your Voicemail number).

Note: If you’re using Google Voice for voicemail, you’ll need to look for the voicemail number assigned to “My carrier”, and there’s no need to complete step 3.

How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number

Just a note. Thank you. I was able to set up voicemail, find my sprint phone number and also with that sprint # verify my phone # on facebook. Yea. I am new only a few days into this. Hallie


this does not show me another number. It only shows the correct voice mail number above. I keep getting calls from a bill collector and they don’t have any record of my name or number . I need to know this number in order to have them take me off their list


Double-check this - From Settings / About phone, is build number 1_65K_1027 ?


What happens if I already changed my vm to the 877 # and forgot to write down the sprint #? How can I locate it now


Return to step 1. You can replay the steps as often as you wish.


doesn’t work. followed carefully. Phone does not reboot during “update profile” process.


Are you in an area of Sprint service? No roaming triangle?

Upon starting the Profile update you should see:

The network is preparing your services. Please wait

Followed by this with an OK button at the bottom of the screen:

** The profile update has completed. Press OK to continue.**

Followed by a box with an OK button:

** Phone has been activated, reboot the phone.**

And the phone reboots when you hit OK…

How does what you see on the screen differ?


no roaming, within sprint service area, at my home.

Well, the only difference is the phone does not reboot and the sprint number is not in the voicemail box.


You did verify the build number of your phone as 1_65K_1027, right?

Beyond that and a factory reset, I don’t know what else to suggest. You’re the first person to report this behavior, and lots of people have gotten their Sprint number this way.


yes, I have the correct build number.

My phone has been minor league problems since day one. Echos on random calls wifi or not. Dropped wi-fi calls, irregularly takes 30 seconds to place calls, overheating, random calls placed with phone untouched (yes I saw it light up and dial a call when I was 3 feet away)…, “not enough memory” issues (this is due to upgrades in google apps and I cannot stop the downloads), deleted apps showing back up (including deleted updates) now this

None of these, even all of these are not enough to make one throw the phone, but there are small daily constant annoyances. Still for $19 a month, in a beta program, I can’t complain too much.

Just waiting for extra dough to upgrade to Moto


You can stop the updates to Google apps and reclaim lots of phone memory using:

DEFY XT: How to increase space for apps and avoid the “low memory” warning

Who knows, maybe low memory is having a bad effect on completing the Profile update.


I have 71 megs clear now. I had done most of those tips. If an app cannot be moved to SD I don’t need it. I deleted widgets I liked cuz they cannot go to SD.

I’ll see how that goes.

I even deleted facebook and a couple of the google play apps.

<500megs for a modern phone is poorly designed.


I did all that Carlh suggested, verifying build #, acquiring sprint underlying # and writting it down, rebooted automatically when I pressed “ok”… changed my sprint # as instructed in step 3. Called cell from home, left msg to check. It didn’t come through on cell even after waiting a few minutes. Retraced steps and changed sprint # back to the original #. Did get the voicemail waiting icon, called it, but only now get my own “leave a msg” recording. Can’t access the vm msgs. help plz


What is the voicemail number in the phone set to at present?

If it’s not 8779121832, you need to change it to that, never touch it again, and never update the phone’s Profile again.


Hmm. I have a Defy with the K sw version. My VM works by holding the ‘1’ key, as it should. Well it works as well as RW’s VM works :frowning:

When I go to settings/call settings/voicemail settings it shows a 214 area code number, obviously not the listed VM number. I’m guessing this is the hidden Sprint number, available without doing step 1.


@rober2w, thanks for the note. I need to update this blog… the voicemail number for the Defy XT has changed - it’s now 214-664-9147.

If you do a profile update, you should see the voicemail number change. Please let me know if that’s not the case.


my build number starts with LPE23… besides their isn’t an option for phone updates under about phone. I have a moto x 2nd gen


I believe you post in the wrong thread as this one is only about the Beta Phone (Motorola Defy XT)
the thread for finding underlying carrier number for other phones is here

not as a Legacy phone your number lying carrier is Sprint

as for the update phone not being under about phone in setting the update is one level high under system updates (with one for PRL, one for profile (this is the carrier profile) , and one for system update (Android OS updates), note 5.1 Lollipop is the last system update for the Legacy Phones (including the Moto X 2nd gen))