DEFY XT: Install the Motorola Drivers in Windows


Normally you are prompted to install drivers the first time you connect the phone to computer, but you may have dismissed the offer. For Windows 8, the driver installation fails.

Check whether the drivers are installed
Install Drivers

Check whether the drivers are installed

At the phone, start the Settings app, then tap Applications, then Development. Check the box to enable USB debugging.

Now connect the phone to USB, and at the computer start Device Manager as follows, depending on your version of Windows:

Windows XP: Click Start, then Run, and type “devmgmt.msc” without quotes, and click OK.

Windows Vista/7: Click Start, then in the search box type "device manager " without quotes, and click on Device Manager at the top of the start menu.

Windows 8/10 (Desktop): Move the mouse to the lower left corner of the screen. Right-click the mouse, and then click Device Manager from the menu.

Now in Device Manager, check for the Motorola ADB Interface device as shown in the sample pictures below - when it appears under the Other Devices category, the drivers need to be installed. When it appears in the ADB Interface category at the top, or the Universal Serial Bus devices list at the bottom, the drivers are installed.

Drivers Not Installed
Drivers Installed (XP/Vista/7/8)
Drivers Installed (Windows 10)
Defy XT - Moto Drivers Not Installed.png
Defy XT Moto Drivers Installed.png

Install Drivers

Connect the phone to your computer via USB, and then proceed with the instructions below.

Windows XP / Vista / 7

Click Start, then click Computer. Look for a drive labeled “CDROM” that isn’t your CD or DVD drive. Double-click that drive, and/or execute setup.exe from that drive. Assuming that it does anything, it should start the installation program for Motorola drivers. Complete that with default answers.

Windows 8

Move the mouse to the lower left corner of the screen, right-click it, then click File Explorer. The Explorer window should be looking at “Computer” and the right-hand pane will show all drives connected to the computer. Look for a drive labeled “CDROM” , right-click it, and choose Open. There should be a folder called “Driver”, double-click it to open. Now there are two files shown with these names:



Double-click the 32-bit one if you have 32-bit Windows, the 64-bit one if you have 64-bit Windows. Complete the installation routine with default answers.

To confirm driver installation go back to Device Manager and verify that the Motorola ADB device now appears in the ADB Interface category.


Thanks for the instructions. I use Win XP and followed your instructions to the letter… drivers are already installed according to Device Manager. Device Manager says this device is working properly.

So… where do I go from here?


You may go wherever you wish! The drivers aren’t important unless you need them to do something else, such as Move As Many Apps As Possible To The SD card


On my XP SP3 laptop when the drivers were installed along with a motorola app they were under “ADB interface” as described above. Sorry, I’m not sure where or why I got the moto app in addition to the drivers. Anyway, whenever I plugged the phone into the usb port it killed everything else on USB. I know because I’m using a cradle, a KVM and an outboard (powered) usb port. Almost everything runs through usb including keyboard, mouse, video cam, DVD burner, backup hard drive…

After having this problem, I uninstalled everything Moto and started over. I let the phone install the drivers only, which it did automatically after the MS PNP fails. The driver is now under “Android USB Devices” as “Mot Composite ADB Interface” Everything seems to be playing well together now.

Also, see Re: USB connection kills computer wireless adapter.

Carlh, how would I use the pc connection (drivers) to move apps to the SD card?


See: DEFY XT: How to increase space for apps and avoid the “low memory” warning and complete all the steps. The drivers are needed in order to complete the section of that titled Move As Many Apps As Possible To The SD card.


I don’t have the drivers. So I can’t install them. Yes, I want to move Apps to SD card.



If you have the Defy XT, you have the drivers. The drivers are contained on the phone and made available for installing whenever you plug the phone into a Windows computer. Follow the instructions up above carefully.

Also please be sure you are following this guide for moving apps to the SD card:

DEFY XT: How to increase space for apps and avoid the “low memory” warning

There are several steps you can take to increase space and move apps prior to needing these drivers so that even more apps can be moved.


Yea…been there done that got frustrated cause the drivers aren’t on my computer. THANK YOU THOUGH.



The instructions above should work if you follow them carefully. If they’re not working for you, and you can say what version of Windows you have and write 30-50 words about what is or isn’t happening on the screen when you try to follow the instructions, I can probably help you solve this.


cannot see above message in windows 10. anybody got it to work on windows 10?


@umab: Drivers were installed automatically for me when plugging into Windows 10 with USB debugging enabled. I added a new screenshot above to show where Windows 10 puts the drivers in Device Manager. Do you not see them already there?