Defy xt voicemail

Anyone having problems with voicemail on defy phones

what issues are you having

Change to Dial-in Access to Voicemail

if you need your password reset you will need a help ticket for the Defy line

You may still be able to access VM using the default PW 1234, then change it without support help.

I’m having the same voicemail access problem. It would have been nice of Republic (standard practice for any other company) to let us know of this password requirement change in advance of it happening. No notice at all.

Now, after a couple days of accessing VM using 1234 default (without changing it), it does not recognize it anymore. Now, no access to VM whatsoever. From what I understand my Defy now requires that I open a support ticket. Just did that.

Unfortunately RW failed to give a heads up a heads up and failed to explain the default password should be changed during the first call in. Defy users hit the hardest as there is no RW app to use for changing it. Hopefully they are quickly working through the PW tickets.

Thank you for this explanation! We are likewise Motorola Defy XT users who had this new voicemail PIN imposed on us, only to find out by accident a week later that the default PIN of 1234# would be “disallowed” by RW’s own systems! (According to RW’s own rules–which I unfortunately had to learn well after the fact last night–no voicemail PIN can have sequential numbers nor have the same number three times.)

And then the “solution” given by RW to fix this involves using a Republic Wireless app that is 100% totally incompatible with all Defy XT phones.

So yes, now those customers with Defy XT phones have to file a helpdesk ticket and wait to have their passwords manually reset. It’s icing on the cake that this happened right before the weekend… when no one will be around to handle a big burst of helpdesk tickets.

[I hope a very senior, decision-making Republic Wireless employee reads this next part] This would all be quite hilarious in the Dilbert sense of the word, except that I really like Republic Wireless and I want the company to succeed… and I don’t want RW to start doing Dilbert-like things. Sadly, this is now a series of Dilbert-like decisions flung onto customers in just two short weeks.

Amen. stupidity and corporations are like fish and frogs

I was also slow on the uptake about how the default PW must be changed – I guess RW expects us all to be geeks who always keep up with the news. I did not receive any messages from them about this so I’m ESPECIALLY ANGRY. My phone is crucial to my business. I was about to update my phone and now I’m considering going with a new carrier. … Are any managers reading this???

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