Degradation of 'Anywhere'

Hello y’all.
Is there a problem with ‘Anywhere’…
Suddenly, it has quit being reliable for me.
Meaning, something has changed, and ‘voice dictation’ and accuracy has been degraded in a sense.
All opinions appreciated.
[Mpto G7 power]

Anywhere has not had any updates or changes in some time. It is no longer being updated or developed by Republic.

It never had any sort of Voice Dictation…that would be done by the phone it self, the Google Keyboard, GBoard and the Google Assistant AI.

I would suggest, try switching to Google Messages and see if you have a better experience.

Thanks Cheetah!. :smiley:

It’s been acting odd for me… :no_mouth:

Suddenly, my ‘voice’ dictation has quit responding on my G7P…arrgghh.

Hi @c1tobor

Please see if this helps:

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