Delay connecting after answering call

All of my wifi calls have a delay in connection after answering call. It rings and I have to say hello two or three times before the caller hears me. Then, they only hear one or two hello’s. I’ve tried pausing a second before saying anything and it doesn’t seem to help.

The router is a top of the line router and the wifi connection is good. Internet speeds are good with 32ms ping, 26 Mbps download, and 5.3 Mbps upload.

I have a Moto Z Play.

Any ides?

Thank you,


Enable the call quality feedback option in your Republic Wireless App. Open a help ticket

Make some test calls and note the call details in your ticket. They should be able track it and see what might be happening.

This is also an excellent source to optimize your WiFi router settings

Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

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