Delay in porting number away from Republic

I have loved Republic Wireless, but as a family we are moving on. I am trying to port the numbers away from Republic, but it does not seem as if Republic is responding. I know there may be a delay, but was wondering why it takes so long. We had another phone in the family on a different service, and it only took about five minutes.

Hi @richardt.orky4d,

Unlike the other service you reference, Republic is not a traditional wireless service provider. Please see here for more detail: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

In short, your port away from Republic will likely take days not minutes or hours.

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That is unfortunate, and I did read your attachment prior to posting. I also imagine it will take a few days longer with the holiday? Just looking to use phones, and I understand I will be able to use the Republic ones, but the new ones I paid for are just sitting idle. Maybe Republic can come up with a better system since it is not a “typical” carrier.

One reason I would like to have some control, and I assume others, is to make the transition without the risk of not having access to a phone (I am on call 24 hours) when the numbers port. It is not a complicated process to port a number.

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We have been with Republic for four years, but we are moving on as a family. Trying to port my telephone numbers over to the new carrier, but Republic is taking a bit to respond. We had one other line with US Mobile, and it took about 5 minutes. Seeing what the delay may be. Thank you

Hi @richardt.orky4d!

Have you called your receiving carrier to see what the holdup Is? When republic receives all the correct information, they will release your number. This can take up to 24 hours.


Yes, they have sent notification to Republic

Ok. When did you initiate the port?

11:45 this morning

Ok. From this document: Number Transfer FAQs – Republic Help, it usually takes less than 48 hours. I would say most complete in 24 hours. Please give it up to 48 hours for the number to transfer.

Hi @richardt.orky4d,

Please see my answer in your other thread: Delay in porting number away from Republic.

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I believe the article you reference is intended to speak to inbound rather than outbound ports.

Hmm…i thought 7 days spundedly absurdly long.

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On its own website, Verizon states 2-10 days for porting in a wireline number as one example. You may want to take a look at this: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

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Hi @richardt.orky4d,

I’ve merged your conversations into a single thread, so our members can better answer your questions.

I agree its unfortunate, however, it’s the FCC not Republic that would need to come up with something better.

Your Republic phone(s) should work up to the time your port(s) complete whether the timing of that is minutes, hours or days. I very much appreciate the concern and inconvenience but you should not see downtime on your phone(s).

Porting wireline numbers as opposed to wireless numbers does have a different degree of difficulty.


Myself (with three family members) and two friends went with a new service company. All of us received our phones today. My three Republic lines (US Mobile the other) are the only ones not ported. Like I said in another reply, maybe Republic can come up with a better port in/port out system.

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There is no better system to come up with since it is so regulated that the options are extremely limited. It is completely automated by a third party that is the largest porting company in America.


Still waiting as of this morning. I understand there was a holiday, but this is overly long in my opinion, and i ma not the first person to complain about this process. Republic was able to take my ported number within a few minutes, but now they hold my number hostage. I would complain about customer service, but there is not any. However pricing is starting to catch up to Republic, and if this is their reaction to the marketplace, then they should be aware this may curtail future users.

Republic should not advertise as wireless if they convert ported numbers to “wireline” numbers. This is a bit misleading and should be in the upfront print and not in the fine print, if provided at all.

It’s not republic holding your number, the receiving carrier control’s the port, Republic release at the time request, the issue is other carriers think VOIP* lines needs more time** that it does and request the port at a few days after the request

  • Yes republic numbers are VOIP as a WiFi part of the service is VOIP republic has always said it’s a hybrid VOIP/cell service with WiFi 1st.
    ** This is not the case anymore and hasn’t been for some time, also there no technical reasons a carrier should not take a VOIP number just out dated policy at some carriers [looking at Cricket here]
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