Delay in sending/receiving text messages

It’s been going on for several months already, but I’ve been experiencing some issues with texting.
There are delays – not all the time, but often – in sending and/or receiving a text message.
And whenever there is a delay in sending, the recipient receives the same messages several times.
When there is a delay, it takes 5 minutes to an hour to be delivered.
This happens with WIFI and 3G.

I asked with an open ticket.
They were nice and patient and very helpful, however, I ended up with being offered a coupon to buy a new phone.
(BTW, I love their customer services.)

FYI, these were I tried.
*Cleared cache and data of an SMS app (Messaging Version 5.1.1–11)
*Uninstalled and reinstall a Republic Wireless app
*Updated data profile
Reset the cellular settings (Dial ##72786#…)
Refreshed RW activation (Dial ##8647##
And of course I rebooted each time.

I am wondering if there is someone who resolved this issue.
Today, I tried to send a text message, and it took almost an hour to be delivered.

@yukam - Sorry no one got back to you before this. It will help if you tell us what phone you are using and what plan you have. It is possible that you are trying to use an unsupported messaging app. The supported texting app is Messages by Google.


from the screen shot I say they are using the old default messaging on a legacy phone (and seeing how that hasn’t been supported in years I also would recommend upgrading to Messages by google)


I’m using a Moto G (3rd).
My plan is “wifi+cell+3G”.
I got this phone about a couple of years ago, and when I was activating the phone, it popped up and said “Messaging” was recommended.
The same message popped up when I bought one phone from RW for my in-law and was activating a couple of weeks ago.
So I assumed that the app Messaging was recommended by RW or for Motorola.

Not sure about any pop ups. Can you confirm if the icon for the messaging app you are using looks like this –


Have you gone to the app in the link supplied and made sure you’re using the supported app? It will be difficult to troubleshoot unless we can verify exactly what messaging app you are using.

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That message appeared before Google discontinued Message. You’ll want to download Google Messages and use it instead.


This is what I have.
But I downloaded the one you recommended.
See what’s (not) gonna happen.
Thank you

And you will want to set Google Messages as your default SMS app. I think the system will prompt you during install and first use but if not this procedure should work for you on the older Moto G3 –

This is a good step for tracking down the issue :face_with_monocle:

Thank you for your response.
I changed my default SMS from Messaging to Messages, but now it starts showing the message “Unfortunately, Messages has stopped”
It receives and sends, so I don’t know why the message pops up.
And there still seems a bit delay.


Try restarting the phone and see if that helps.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help. :frowning:

The issue you’re describing can happen when the cellular signal is so weak that the phone isn’t able to tell if the message has been sent so keeps resending it. Have you noticed if this happens only on cellular or if it is also happening when you’re on wifi?


While connected to wifi, please open the dialer as if your were going to dial a phone number. There enter *#*#8647#*#* It should immediately clear off the screen. When it does, restart the phone. Any change? (I know you’ve tried this before, I’d like to try it again now that we’re on Messages).

At this moment, for a couple of hours, I haven’t explored any delay, but if I do, I will try that process again.
Thank you.

Now I’m dealing with “Unfortunately, Messages has stopped” every a few minutes.
It is so frustrating.

So, I’m expecting some delays this morning (20 minutes or so) with Messages (Google), the one I downloaded yesterday.

Hi @yukam,

I’m sorry to see no one followed up with you on this.

Are you seeing any improvement since changing messaging apps?

Are the delays continuing to happen regularly?

It is not resolved yet, unfortunately.
And the new and app “Messages” shows an error message “Unfortunately, Messages has stopped”…
I deleted some apps, but still the error message pops up.

I really want to avoid to do the factory reset, so I don’t know what to do.

When you open the Google Play Store app does it indicate all your apps are up to date, or are there updates pending?

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