Delay receiving text messages

Noticed that there is a delay in receiving text messages today to and from my mother and I, who are both on RW GSM. Made for a bit of a longer grocery shopping trip today.

Hans’t happened before.

Just wondering in anyone else having a delay of like 20 to 30 min getting texts?

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My guess it’s probably a sign of the times we are all going through together.
Increased calling, texting and video calls from the millions that are trying to continue working from home, combined with family’s that are separated and trying to maintain a semblance of connection. This of course is world wide and the people that provide and maintain the Internet world wide are taxed as well.
So hopefully everyone can remain calm and stay safe

I see some posts were split off cause was something about testing to and from Google Voice…i am not texting to GV, but I have tried it and that does seem to not be working.

For more insight.

Her her phone was on home wifi, mine on LTE.
She didn’t get the message i sent her to come down i have the car pulled up to our building entrance until after were were just parked at the store.

While in the store, both on LTE, i sent her a text telling here where i was, she got it and responded, i responded back, she did not get that message until we got home, and was on wifi for 10 min.

I then, 45 min after being home, got a text from her that said she was ready to go and was coming down to the car.

We both have Google Messages and do have chat features enabled, have for several months. Never had any issues, even after the whole pandemic started and we were texting like craze as see was out of town until recently.

I feel LTE may be the factor mostly. As i have sent several text messages back and forth while on our home wifi and they work instantly, but put one phone or both on LTE and it is a mixed experience of some delay to no delay.

I have tried to disable the chat features on both phones, to test, but it wont disable. it just does it turning off chat thing…but never completes. when u go back into the app, it is still enabled. Even clearing app data, the feature remains enabled.

Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

I think you may be on the right track since you’ve mentioned in another topic that LTE seems to be a problem in your area.

Could you try using Anywhere on one of the phones, to completely rule out RCS as a factor?

I can try, perhaps…not sure i can rip my mothers phone away from her for any period of time…she always using it for her YouTube and “Google Blogs”.

You’d only have to use Anywhere on one phone to rule out RCS, so no ripping is required.

Things are working fine now with Google Messages on both phones, either on wifi or LTE.
Got instantly.
I did try sending her messages from Anyway installed on my phone, that too worked fine.

I can only gather there was some local network issues or congestion yesterday around the 12noon hours.

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