Delayed account notification emails from Republic?


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, apologies if it isn’t. Over the last few months I’ve been frustrated by Republic’s email notifications to me about my account, as they always seem to come in a day or two after they would have been relevant. I’m posting today because it happened TWICE this week.

  1. I had an old credit card on file that I forgot to update when I got a new one (totally my fault). I only realized it when I tried to pay this month’s bill and got a notice that it had been declined. I logged on, updated it, and paid my bill, painless as always. The next day, I got an email saying “Hey, the credit card you have on file is going to expire soon, you might want to update it…” My new card doesn’t expire until 2022, so this must have been about my old card.

  2. I’d paid my bill on Monday (April 2). This morning (April 4) I got an email saying “Hey, you only have 75% of your data left this cycle.” Even the email itself showed that it was out of date, saying I had “-13 seconds left” on my billing cycle, which ended March 30. -13 seconds?? How does that even get processed?

The most common situation that this happens with is #2. I will often get notifications that my cell data is low AFTER I’ve paid my bill and renewed my data, so I get a mini heart attack thinking “wait, how have I used that much in one or two days?” before realizing it’s Republic being slow again.

Does anyone else experience this?


I have a similar issue with a different company.

One possibility is how your email app is setup? If the emails are coming through your phone, you may want to check Settings on the app. Most email apps have a Sync Frequency option. Any email address that is not GMail in the GMail app will have a 5 minute or longer delay depending on sync frequency option.

For example, my Juno email in GMail app syncs every 15 minutes.

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Thanks for the reply. No, this happens with my Gmail via browser, and it’s always a day or two behind, not hours. (Also, I’ve never experienced my Gmail app taking days to sync, and my app actually often gets emails before my browser.) This issue with Republic emails has happened multiple times over many months.


Unfortunately we have no control over how or when RW sends emails. It’s an automated system. Come to think of it I’ve noticed a delay with some email notifications too. There is definitely some room for improvement with email timing.

Your cell phone has to communicate with RW servers, this may account for some of the delay, if you’re on a not so good cell connection as opposed to WiFi.

I once received the credit card email, that got my heart racing a little. There was nothing wrong with my credit card, I ended up deleting it and rentering it. At the time there was a snafu on RW’s end which triggered the email.


Hi @ediea.akp6g1,

Thanks for bringing this concern to our attention.

I’ve checked my most recent E-mail warning me that I was running low on data, and I find it to be sent at the appropriate time. My messages warning of credit card expirations have always been timely as well.

It seems something may be out of sync with your account.

As this is not something our Community can investigate or solve, it would be worth opening a ticket. If others see your topic here and have recent examples of the same sort of delay, I hope they’ll respond here to let you know you’re not alone, and also open a ticket so we can gather additional examples.

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