Delayed Shipments Due to Accident at Fulfillment Center - 05/01/18


Hi @christopherl.albdmz,

There’s no “known issue” here. We’re currently dealing with a complex situation of an accident in one fulfillment center and a transitional process to another center. I believe the transition is resulting in some of the phones moving to “back-ordered” status as their inventory is transitioning from one fulfillment center to the other, however, as I mentioned when I replied to you earlier, I have not yet seen the back-order report for today so did not want to give you incorrect information. I’d prefer to wait for accurate details.

The last time I checked, we had adequate inventory on the S8. I do not beleive you will be facing a 1-2 week wait on this order. However, I will update you with definite details once they are available to me.


Thanks for the reply. For the slower, free-shipping method, there’s really nothing a support ticket would accomplish. We’ll get the order fulfilled as quickly as possible. I’ve verified your order is in our system, so it’s just a matter of our working through this situation. I do see your order on a list of those anticipated to ship today.


Hi @christopherl.albdmz,

I’m going to DM you with details about your order, so that I’m not publicly stating what day the world could expect to find your phone on your doorstep.


Thank you SP for the quick and helpful information! I’m looking forward to trying out the z2 Play on Repuplic!


You’re welcome, and I hope you’ll let us know what you think of the Z2 Play!


I think you will enjoy the Moto Z2 Play (I know I 'm loving mine)


You were correct, my bad. I can now see that you have estimated shipping windows under the purchasing button on the product page. I’ve opened a support ticket regarding the situation. Thank you for the help.


At what point did y’all learn that orders would be delayed? I ordered a new phone Monday night, and selected the more expensive Moto G5 Plus because the Moto E4 Plus was backordered. I also paid for the 3-day delivery because I really wanted to have this new phone before next Monday. Had I known about this issue, I would have gone with the Moto E4 Plus. I understand that accidents happen and that a situation like this is rare, but I’m frustrated.


Hi @LaKirBretonne,

We posted the information as quickly as we were certain that we had a full understanding of the situation.

We do understand that members want their orders within the expected delivery time. We are working to upgrade shipping methods for the impacted orders so that, if at all possible, they will still reach you on the expected date. I’ll DM you some additional information about your order.


Will the individuals who paid for next day shipping get refunds?


Hi @matayao.dttgqn,

I updated the top post in this topic this morning with:

We will be proactively working through the orders impacted by this incident with the goal of making this situation right for our members. This will involve a combination of adjusting shipping methods to meet target delivery dates or applying shipping credits when that’s not possible. Please allow us time to work through that process, and no support ticket will be necessary in most cases.

Since it will not be possible to deliver the next-day-air orders on their estimated delivery date, we will be working to provide shipping credits for those orders impacted by this situation. It may take us a few days to get through all of them.


Hate to hear about the accident. I did 3 day shipping for my phone on Tuesday. I really need my new phone by Saturday. because i’m going on a long vacation Monday morning. Does that seem likely?


Hi @davids.nrtor5,

We are doing everything we can to upgrade the shipping choice, if at all possible, so that the package arrives on the same day you intended it to.

Obviously, some orders are past that possibility, but for orders placed Tuesday before 5:00 p.m. ET with three-day shipping, we are trying to get those upgraded to 2nd-day air, so that it will still arrive as intended. I’ll follow up by DM with specifics about your order.


I need to know change my credit card


Hi @mhettle,

I’m not sure from what you’ve written whether your request is related to our delayed shipping, or a more general request for help. The credit card used for a specific order cannot be changed once the order is processed. If you just need to update your credit card on your account for monthly billing, that’s done in the Account Portal. Instructions are here:


I placed my order on Sunday. Needed my new phone today. I have not yet been notified of shipment. I be out of town tomorrow with rain forecasted. Can I cancel my order for now and reorder when the problem is solved?


Hi @dannyk.x16mt4,

Unless the order is showing “back-ordered” in the account portal, there’s not a process to cancel it. However you can request that it be securely held at a UPS location through UPS MyChoice.


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I ordered a new phone as a replacement for my dead Moto X Pure. Ordered next day air on Monday April 30th at 8:15 am. The phone is marked as back ordered, I have had a dead phone that will not charge for a majority of the week. Any updates on this?


Hi @WesMasterson,

I’ll send you a personal message with details about your order.