Delayed Shipments Due to Accident at Fulfillment Center - 05/01/18


Wow. Just wow.


Oh nooooo! Lyft ended support for android on my Moto-X 2nd gen so I had to upgrade. Every day you delay costs me income. Please hurry! I paid for overnight shipping!

Also, when will you have more cases for the Galaxy 9?


I would suggest Amazon for cases. Lower prices, better selection, and better return policy.


Hi @cantaffordit,

I’m very sorry to read that this situation is impacting your earnings.
I’ll let our inventory specialists know that you are awaiting an update. I do not have any new information at this time about your order or the next availability date of the cases for the Galaxy S9, but will update you if I can learn anything at all about either.


Thanks. Would it be faster if I ordered a different phone?


Since our fulfillment center ships only on weekdays, a new order would not be likely to reach you before the existing one.

You could shop for a compatible phone locally and then return this one when it arrives.


Well, that answer creates many more questions. If ordering a different phone wouldn’t be faster, that this me you are going to ship my S9 on Monday?

If I shopped locally, how long would it take for your to send me a SIM?

And if I buy locally, a carrier will require that I sign up for service. Switching back and I lose my permanent discount for joining way back in the days of be beta status.

And if your only ship on weekdays, I would think you’d authorize some overtime and have fulfillment working 7x24 to recover from the aftermath of whatever happened.

I’m sad that I’m being forced off my old plan anyway, and anythingi try from my end if likely to make things worse.


Hi @cantaffordit,

I still have no update on the status of your order, but expect to be able to get one on Monday. My thought was that a new order would not ship before Monday, just like your existing order, and there’s no reason to believe that a new order would ship more quickly than the existing order since the phone you ordered is not in a “back-order” state.

I would overnight one to you personally, bypassing the fulfillment center, Monday morning. I keep SIM cards in my drawer for just such situations. Before you ask, though, no, I do not keep spare phones in a drawer for just such situations.

If you buy a carrier phone, you would not be able to bring it to Republic Wireless, even once de-activated from their service. However, you can buy a North American, factory unlocked phone with no carrier branding at local stores like Best Buy and bring them to Republic Wireless. Here’s some great info on finding a phone that’s compatible:

We did a great deal of just that, but your order is in a different state than those that were impacted by the incident. I will follow up with you the very moment I get word as to what has happened with your order, or how we might be able to speed things along.


Ok, thanks for your reply. A couple of things:


Hi @cantaffordit,

Your couple of things didn’t make it to the Community topic by your E-mailed reply, but before you try again, let me DM you, in case we need to get into account specifics.


Hey there, very sorry to hear about the accident at the Fulfillment Center and totally understand the delays. Grateful no one lost their life. I’ve been a Republic member and early beta tester since Republic Wireless started way back in November 2011. I’m upgrading my current Moto X2 to a Moto X4 (bought it new and unlocked from Amazon for $279 with free one day shipping only because I missed out on the great sale offered recently by RW). All good there. Even the protective case came with free shipping overnight from Amazon. But I’m still waiting on a sim card I ordered on May 2nd from Republic Wireless. I see the Pre-Shipment label was transmitted to UPS at 12:11 am May 3rd but nothing has happened since then. Nothing has shipped yet. Learning about the accident, I understand the delay and am willing to wait patiently for that sim card to arrive. I’m not going to demand that Community Manager southpaw reach into her secret drawer and magically produce and overnight me a sim card so I can get going using my neat cool new Moto X. For now, I can’t use my new Moto X4 for making calls but used the time to update the phone, and maybe give it a spin reading the news and catching a few YouTube videos off my router until a sim card arrives. We all need to be patient, understand accidents happen, and keep things in perspective. With families, children, starving to death and dealing with war in other parts of the world, I think phones and sim cards that might arrive a week or two late after an industrial accident probably won’t ruin your life. Patience everyone! And thanks to the Republic Wireless staff that work hard to keep this innovative way of doing Mobile phone business alive and strong! Thanks for all you do! And no, I don’t work for RW. I’m just a customer like you. Pssst… hint, hint if you do happen to have a spare sim card in your drawer, feel free to send it along. Shhh.


Hi @nitewind,

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Let me check for any information about your order tomorrow when our inventory specialists are in the office, and if there’s no news, I’ll see what I can pull out of that drawer for you.


I am sorry to hear about the accident, but I am also a little disappointed that I had to search this forum to get answers to why the phone I ordered, ordered on May 1st and processed the morning of May 2nd, hadn’t shipped yet, based on the lack of a tracking email. Is there any way to get an updated estimate of when I should expect to receive my phone via UPS Ground? Are you upgrading shipping methods or providing shipping credits?


Hi @craigsmint,

I’m sorry you had such trouble finding this information. I will send you details about your order privately.


Everything I’ve been sending as reply today had been coming back from your email. Here is my address info:

(address redacted)


What phone do you have? moto 5s plus

What plan are you on? $20

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Sorry about the accident but I have had a tracking number since May 2 and it still has not gotten to USPS. I know that the free shipping was selected but right below the selection it states "Most orders placed M-F before 5PM ET ship same day. Holiday and weekend exceptions.". Could you Please see what has happen. Thanks


The tracking number is drawn from USPS when the label is printed, It is entirely possible the label was printed, the accident occurred, and your order was not delivered to USPS, Most of us in this community are customers just like you To find out what happened click on Help at the top of the page, scroll down to open a service ticket. A chat option might present itself at that point.


I would tag @southpaw to look into your order.


Hi @nancyp.lnchl6,

I’m terribly sorry to read that your SIM card has been delayed. We do indeed state “Most orders placed M-F before 5PM ET ship same day. Holiday and weekend exceptions,” as that is our policy, but this incident has caused quite a few exceptions.

I’m going to move your post into a thread where we’re already having this kind of conversation, just so I can focus on these issues in one place and perhaps not lose track of anyone.

I’ll also send you a personal message with some additional details.

Please do not open a ticket. I’ll take care of you. No need to have two teams trying to handle the same order.


Hi southpaw,
True to your word, you checked the drawer and sent me a sim card for my Moto X4 with overnight FedEx shipping. I received it the next day - which is today as I write. Popped in the new sim card, followed the prompts, and was up and running. New Moto X is working great on the Republic Wireless network! Thank you so very much! We need to get you a big red letter S for the front of your shirt and a cape, ha! Again, my thoughts and wishes for a complete recovery go out to those affected by this recent accident. The Republic has come a long way since those heady first days starting out back when I joined in November 2011. It really shines today!