Delayed text delivery to phone with Republic Anywhere

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? MyChoice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Plan includes data

Issue Description

I use Republic Anywhere for text messages (both on my phone and on a couple of computers).

I’ve noticed recently that occasionally I’ll get a text message that triggers no notification on the phone until I happen to open Anywhere on the phone. At that point I can see the text show up: i.e. the previous message preview is visible in the message history list and I can see the new message replace it. The new message will be timestamped correctly (e.g. one came in tonight timestamped 30 minutes prior to when it arrived on the phone). The messages also show up with the correct timestamps in my call + message records on the Republic website when I log into my account and view the history.

I have had this happen when Anywhere is open on a computer (and not focused) and when it’s not open. (I understand the phone notification could be suppressed if I actually read the message on a computer before it gets to the phone, but that’s not what’s happening here.)

My first inclination is this could be related to battery optimization/Doze but I have confirmed battery optimization is turned off for Anywhere and this seems to be a relatively recent development; I don’t recall it happening prior to perhaps the last couple months and it seems to have gotten worse recently with multiple occurrences this weekend, one in particular with a 3 hour delay when I know I was using my phone frequently with a network connection (both wifi and cell) during the delay window.

Has anyone else seen this type of issue and resolved it?

This is an interesting observation…and one of many steady stream of “behaviors” deemed undesirable on RWA. But with no active development on RWA… I doubt there will be any easy solution for your issue.

I have stopped using RWA on my phone…and moved on to using Google Messages. I still use RWA on my laptop…but only for passive notifications/reading… I write all my texts on my phone…to keep everything synced.

If you do end up seeing the same behavior with Google Messages then there could be wider issue at play that may need further debugging.

Out of curiosity, what prompted you to switch from RWA to Google Messages? Were you seeing this or similar issues, or are there just features of Messages that you like better?

I really like the flexibility Anywhere provides. I realize you can still use a computer for SMS via but the ability to use Anywhere on a computer even while the phone is turned off or not connected to the network is pretty nice.

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My primary reason for moving away from RWA on the phone was the UI…including simple stuff like adding a person to a conversation, changing background color scheme and general screen utilization.

Also, I just wanted to highlight the fact that you can use Messages on phone while continuing to use RWA on your laptop with the one caveat that messages sent from laptop in this mode of operation won’t be synced back to the phone.

I can understand that – looking at Messages it does look a bit cleaner and easier to use so far.

Good callout on continued use of RWA. This means it can still stand in for SMS access if the phone is inaccessible or broken/lost. Having messages sent from the computer not sync to the phone is a pretty big caveat though. Likely I’ll end up just using Google’s messages web app on the computer given the phone is always nearby and network connected anyway.

I did see another SMS delay last night with RWA, then tried switching and haven’t seen any delays yet – but too early to tell for sure!

@rationull It’s been almost a month since your switch. How have things been with message delivery?

@louisdi thanks for the reminder, I did mean to update this thread!

I haven’t had any further issues with delayed message delivery. I’ve also noticed that outgoing messages seem to send more quickly with Android Messages – with Anywhere I also saw occasional delays in message sending (no more than several seconds) with occasional failures, which I’d chalked up to network issues. But I haven’t seen any more of that after switching either.

I’ve switched to using for messages from my computer as well, with the knowledge that I can still treat the Anywhere app as a backup in case my phone is lost or damaged.

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