Delete call history


i have two years worth of calls on my phone. When I press the 3 dots on the upper right to clear call history and agree to do it, nothing happens. What am I missing?


Good Morning @richardr.ofix8o,

The most common explanation for your experience is that the entries you’re trying to clear from history are voicemails. Do you see what looks like a tape recorder symbol associated with these entries? If so, I’m afraid there’s no way to delete them in bulk from your phone. You will need to tap each one, start to listen then tap the trash can to delete. You need not listen to the entire message before tapping the trash can to delete.

I see you reference two years worth of entries. If I’m right and these are voicemails, do you have a rough idea of the total number? If approaching 500, Republic support can delete all but the most recent as described here: Voicemail Update. If that were the case, you should have received email notification from Republic that your were getting close to maxing out your voicemail storage.


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