Delete email app or cut it off?

I have a moto g first edition. I use the yahoo app for my email as it works better than the supplied onboard email app. Can I cut the original onboard app off, or delete it? What are my choices? Will it screw up my phone if I do? Thanks

The native Gmail app cannot be deleted. Furthermore, a Gmail account gets you access to the Play Store. Finally, I haven’t hear that Google has been hacked (I might have missed that) but Yahoo has been and in a big way. I gave up on Yahoo about 5 years ago.

Thanks, I may not be explaining it correctly as I don’t think it is the google email. The shortcut avatar is a yellow house. I’ll try to look at my apps to describe it better. Thanks anyway.

Actually when I look at my apps under running apps, the avatar of the little house is the same as an app called exchange services. What ever that is?

Google Adds Exchange Services To The Play Store provides some information that may help you. You can use Gmail, Outlook or many other email clients … I don’t have a G1 but on my G3 Motorola provides a Help App … which is the big Blue ? in the Apps … search on email for the detailed information on setting up.

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