Delete text history completly

Is there any way to completely delete text with “anywhere”. I only see "archive’, where is it stored>

It is not possible to delete it. The history is stored on the Republic servers for 30 days.


currently the desktop version of anywhere does not have a delete feature
it has been requested

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To be clear, even when using the “delete” feature on the phone version, it deletes the message from the phone, but they remain on other devices, and on the Republic servers.


OK, after 30 days it is gone for good? Is that correct>

Depends what you mean by “gone for good”. Is it accessible to you? No. Is it accessible to law enforcement, under the record retention requirements of such things as the Patriot Act, with the proper warrants? Unclear to me, because it appears that telecom companies are required to keep such things for longer that 30 days.

Here’s the legal info from Republic: Law Enforcement / Legal Compliance Guide | Republic Wireless

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