Delete Text Messages fromR_Anywhere



I see references to the difference between archiving and deleting messages on the R_Anywhere.

I can’t find any control or action that will let me delete either individual messages or entire conversations.

Thanks for some help


This has been discussed in a number of threads. The desktop version has only the ability to archive. You can only delete from the phone version.




I’m not sure what you mean. Anywhere is out of beta. The Linux client is in beta.

Here’s where anywhere threads are: Topics tagged rw_anywhere


Really, It doesn’t run on an Atari 2600, or an IBM Mainframe, or a Blackberry 8220, or a Samsung device running Tizen, or on Red Hat based Linux distributions, or on DOS or on many other things. I think you’re taking “everywhere” a little too literally.


Hi @yavanius,

The Anywhere beta forum hasn’t gone away. It’s here: Community Forums. Access to the beta forum is open to all, however, access to beta software (other than the Linux beta) is restricted to those already in the beta.


Must have been a glitch earlier because I was getting a doesn’t exist message. It appears it moved from:

Thinking I might have to login first, I did login and tried it and I got the message again. I think it’s a general glitch with the login system because I’ve logged in before and I had to reload page because the system thought I wasn’t logged in.



And I specifically said my tablet. Specifically my Samsung tablet. Not some weird Chinese brand…

I see public release and Any Device and I go to my tablet and it still is not supported. An Android Tablet. I never said anything about archaic technologies…


Hi @yavanius

I think there maybe a little confusion going on here because terrt.amuk11 was asking a specific question, and you are asking another.

I would encourage you to begin a thread or topic for your particular situation. This is an active community and there is bound to be someone that may provide some insight or personal experience.

edit: I see the post was flagged for one reason or another, ergo, my confusion. They might just be removing personal information if you posted any.


OK - here’s the next step in this line of questioning:

I just replaced my phone using a warranty exchange.

As advertised, the new phone doesn’t know anything about the history of text messages.

However, the Desktop App remembers all those text messages and there is no way to delete them from the app.

What now?


Hi @terryt,

Though one cannot delete messages from the desktop Anywhere apps, one may archive them. Simply highlight the message thread in question, then from the Conversation menu select Archive. More on Anywhere here: Republic Anywhere FAQs – Republic Help.


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