Deleted GBoard App on Moto X Gen 2


OK I admit I did something stupid. I deleted the Gboard App because I was trying to get rid of apps using a lot of battery power. My battery on my phone has been draining very quickly recently. Well, now that I have powered up the phone, I can’t get into the settings. I see the emergency dialer, but that doesn’t respond to any commands. Also, I’m unable to get into my WiFi. Only the cellular is operating. Any solutions?


you will need some access to data to reinstall Gboard or some other keyboard app
you can try going to a WiFi hot spot that is just a click to agree to access like MacDonald’s WiFi to do this


I have a WiFi hotspot, but I can’t get the phone to link to it.


with out a keyboard app one will not be able to enter a password that most
the tough screen should still work for selecting a WiFi network but with out the keyboard one needs to find a WiFi network that does not have a password places like McDonald’s WiFi just has a agree to terms webpage (check box and on screen button in a web page)
Once connected one can re-download G-Board or a different keyboard app

a different take is that one can not truly delete a preinstalled app
go in to the setting (:settingsicon: in teh app drawer :appsicon:slight_smile:the scroll down to apps then move over to the disable and see if you can find the G-board app there (may be google keyboard) and enable it there


Log into the Google account used on your phone and visit the Google Play Store on your desktop. From there you can go to the Gboard app (or whatever keyboard you want) and tell it to install on your phone. It should install after that and you have a keyboard again.


I know that y’all are trying to be helpful, but I don’t think that you understand the problem. Let me say it again. I have a WiFi hotspot. I see it on my phone, but I can’t connect to it. I don’t need a password for it. The only thing that comes up is the emergency call screen. Without a WiFi connection I can’t get to the Google Play Store. As a matter of fact I can’t see my desktop, only the emergency call screen.


If all you can see is the emergency dialer then that usually indicates a lack of a sim card, (or the device is locked). The dialer not responding to input could be connected to the lack of a keyboard. (all you can call is 911 on the emergency dialer).

By “Desktop” I mean a desktop computer/laptop, not the home screen of your phone. If you have the Google Play Store data disabled then you cannot install apps from other sources till you get on WiFi. If selecting WiFi does not work from the pull down menu does it work in the Republic app?


If one can not get to the home screen of the phone the best option may be a factory rest
first if there items on the phone needed to be backed up one should connect via USB to a computer and back up need files (pictures, media)
then follow the instructions below (Moto E 2nd Gen is second from bottom )


All of your symptoms sound like you are locked out of your phone. Even if you deleted all of the keyboards on the phone the based keyboard in Android would still be there. Emergency call only message is only on the home-page. Take a picture of your phone with the screen on and link it I think that will help us help you.


Using another computer or tablet to even download the apk of gboard and then emailing it to yourself might be an option if, and when you are able to get into your phone. This is what I did when I accidentally deleted gboard. About the other issue you might need to reset. Others will help you with that better than I.


Are you sure you are on an emergency call screen? I suspect you are on the PIN entry screen which just happens to mention emergency calls under the PIN entry buttons.


I want to thank everyone who responded. I did a factory reset. It took awhile for me to get past the no command screen and the green android figure. Now I’m back into the phone and completing setup. I sought help from a local cell phone/computer repair shop, but it couldn’t figure out the problem. I think that it deals more with hardware problems than software. I still need to buy a new phone. This one is pretty old. Thanks again.


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