Deleted photo recovery

My photos and videos deleted when backing up to external hard drive. How to restore?
What phone do you have?
moto pure
What plan are you on?
data, talk, text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

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Hi @tls14!

Do you have Google photos installed? You can go to and see if they are on there.

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no, we back up to a hard drive.

again - how do we restore the deletions, republic?

Is said hard drive connected directly to your phone or are you backing the photos up to a hard drive via a connected computer? If a computer, Mac or PC? Did the photos make it to the hard drive in question?

Republic’s Community forums are “staffed” largely by fellow members (Republic likes to call customers members). Staff does drop in from time to time but, generally, Republic doesn’t offer direct support here.

As for restoring the deleted photos; if the photos in question didn’t make it to the hard drive and weren’t backed up to a cloud service such as Google Photos, I’m sorry to say they’re gone.


how does a phone owner prevent random delete-all experiences?

There is hope actually. I once accidentally deleted all the images from a camera once. You can find recovery software to get the deleted files back as long as the data hasn’t been overwritten. You might have to pay for the software though.
Here’s one article with a few options.

I’m afraid without knowing more detail, I’m unable to say. For what it’s worth, I’ve never had such a random experience. Photos have only been deleted from my phone accidentally (I chose to delete without realizing it) or a hardware failure of the phone.

Candidly, backup to Google Photos is the best way to be certain one doesn’t lose them.


Your kind thoughts are appreciated. Am sad to have no authority to own this failure.

I don’t need to share my photos with Google, nor will that restore the photos I want on my phone.

Yes, let’s have the staff check in with Motorola. This time-loss may be deadly already.

Hi @tls14,

I’m not seeing anyone in this thread who offered to have staff check with Motorola about photo recovery, but I can assure you this isn’t an option. Our support agents don’t have a direct line to Motorola agents. If you’d like to contact Motorola support, you are welcome to do so, but deleted photos typically cannot be restored to the phone unless they were backed up elsewhere or an expensive third-party recovery tool succeeds at restoration.


Having been through literally dozens of smartphones since the pre-iPhone Windows phones, I’ve never had a “random delete-all experience”.

That being said, you don’t trust Google, that’s fine. Pick a back-up provider you do trust, there are literally dozens of choices, and use a cloud backup, that’s the best choice.

Having worked 3 yrs as a tech support/service agent at a major retailer…I have had several customers that insist that their phone factory reset it self or that all their pictures are just …poof…gone!

While this is a very rare thing, it does happen.

However, it is impossible to determine, after the fact, why or how the phone or data got reset or data deleted.

Even keeping your pictures saved to the SD card, if the phone has one, i have had folks that somehow deleted them.

The cold hard facts is this, have your data backed up to the cloud and you will not have to worry about loosing it should your local copy disappear or become corrupted. If you have security and privacy issues with cloud storage, then you certainly can chose not to utilize them, but you will need to make extraordinary measures to backup your data locally, in multiple fashions and store them in different locations.

Refusing to use a service, no matter the reason, that backs up and restores you irreplaceable data such as pictures etc, only makes they worst case scenario of losing everything forever, almost a near certainty.

On a second note, Google already has way more useful info/data on you that you care to know, just by you having and using the phone for its basic functions.

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So many people think a cloud backup will restore the precise files I had on my phone.

Truly fascinating.

Nothing will restore the files you had previously short of (and even this is a long shot) a forensic recovery service (hundreds to thousands of dollars). We were answering your question:

Wow, I didn’t know I needed a community vote to obtain some favored status with the ‘staff’.

What is the direct phone number for Republic Wireless support?

There is neither a direct phone number for support, nor a “favored status” with staff.

Additionally, it was made pretty clear that this isn’t something Republic can help with:

You can reach out to Moto this way:

Finally, a piece of unsolicited life advice. Being obnoxious to those that are taking their personal time to try and help you isn’t generally a way to get great results.


Wow, I am sorry. That is, it is sad you have adopted such a tone after I expressed my thanks to everyone.

Even so, it is somehow healthy that you understand this frustration. It has been a week with zero contact on a time-sensitive issue. There is so much more to supporting a customer than providing content.

So, I agree with you. There is a most excellent Way, and you have reminded me of it. There are also better ways to get results. I will attempt to open a ticket within my Account - something I wish I’d found on Day 1.

No matter how many nice people surround an issue, we eventually need a responsible person to get us home.

Hi @tls14,

You are, of course, free to open a ticket with Republic. The challenge is going to be this really isn’t an issue for Republic to solve. I respect that Republic may have sold you the phone but they didn’t manufacture it nor did Republic create the operating system.

When it comes to storing photos (or anything else) on a phone, that’s a phone rather than a phone service issue. It’s not that they wouldn’t want to, however, Republic has no means of recovering your photos for you and no means of preventing a similar scenario in the future.

To the extent you believe your phone is misbehaving, the most productive channel to discuss that is with the manufacturer.

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I read this whole thread. Without knowing much, I felt things turn a bit snippy when the customer said something like " again- how does one retrieve the photos"…or something similar. I also have the feeling that English may not be the customer’s first language…so…response to the team may seem a bit short and demanding. With all that said, I accidentally deleted all my photos. RW told me there was no way to retrieve them. I later learned that when one deletes photos from “gallery” (as I did) they still remain in “photos”. But, that was on my Moto x 1st Gen. So, maybe see if they are still in the photos section. Go to the main app button. scroll through until you find photos and see if they are still there.

The “Photos” App is Google Photos, which is the cloud backups we’ve referenced a number of times in the thread. Unfortunately for the OP:


Were the answers when asked about using cloud backups.

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I’ve used this app in the past:

And this software to recover photos from SD Card:

Both worked and recovered the same photos.

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