Deleted Text Messages

I have a Moto X Pure phone and use Messages app for texting. I accidently deleted a rather important text. Is there any way to recover it ? Thanks for sharing anything that’s worked for you !


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Hi @jillr.9srlcf,

The reality is short of a forensic recovery service costing many hundreds if not thousands of dollars; what you ask is not possible.

Republic, like most service providers, does not keep backups of the content of your text messages. The most information that Republic has available is a record of who’s called and/or texted you. That information is here when signed into your Republic account: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless.

Republic not backing up your message content actually protects your privacy. For the same reason, Republic has no record of the content of your calls, only who’s called you.

I appreciate this doesn’t help now, however, to help avoid this unfortunate situation in the future, you might consider installing an app to backup your text message content. Many of your fellow members use this one, SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play . Others are also available, sms backup - Android Apps on Google Play.

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