Deleting a Screenshot from Wallpapers

How do I delete a screenshot using taken by a Moto G4? Screenshots are found in Wallpapers—> My Photos.

Another day worth getting up for … I learned something … that at least applies to my Moto X Pure Edition and Moto X (2nd Gen)

  • Access the Wallpapers/Widgets/Settings (long press on a blank spot on a screen)
  • Select Wallpapers
    • My photos icon/link is visible on the left before the standard Wallpapers … this is apparently new?
    • Note in each thumbnail shown you will see an Icon showing where the picture is stored (Photos or Google Drive in my case)
    • Select a Photo to make it eligible for use as your wallpaper … then apply as normal
  • This is apparently just a link to your photos to make it easy to set one of them as your Wallpaper (didn’t find any doc)
  • To delete something that you see here you need to access its actual storage (I went to Google Drive via PC did a delete, then waited a bit for them to sync and it was no longer avail on my phone)

Go to photos, 3 bar menu top left, device folders, then folder called screenshots. And then select the screenshot pic. Then touch 6 dot menu at top right. Delete device copy.

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