Deleting an E911 location on Moto X Gen 2


I have a Moto X Gen 2 and I want to delete a location in my E911 area. When I look for directions it says to tap the trashcan icon next to that location but mine does not have that icon anywhere and no info on the screen about deleting a location. Tips please?


I am getting the same behavior. Please submit a help ticket.


After checking website, Phones | Republic Wireless, it looks like the options are to select a saved one or add an address. There is not a limit of 3 as it states. Unless it brings back bad memories I’d right it off as a typical RW web page needing some tweaking.


I had the dev team remove the 3 address limit wording. There is no such limit anymore. The ability to delete was removed due to some difficult issues. The words will be update when the next code push is done over the next day or two. Also having the writers update the online documents on this.


Based on the info tha @seanr just provided above I tested and to ‘solve’ your problem, just create an additional address and select it to be the ‘Active’ one … this works fine