Deleting multiple text messages from same thread

I use the Message app that is the default on my Moto E4 with the Android 7.1.1. I tried to press and hold a text message but am unable to select others before deleting. How do I delete multiple text messages at once rather than individually within the same thread? Thank you for your help!

This has long been one of the shortcomings of the native Android Messaging app… not being able to select several messages to be deleted. You can either delete them one by one, or delete the entire conversation and start a new one.

That’s precisely why I actively manage my SMS conversations on a daily basis. Otherwise, it just gets out of control very quickly. After I view a picture someone sends, for example, I either save it or delete it. No need to keep it in the thread.


Thank you for your response! Hopefully, they will someday they add in that feature.


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