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My job is now taking me into Canada and I need to switch carriers for my phone. (Please get Canada service so I can come back!) I want to take my Moto X Pure Edition with me, which I believe is possible, but I don’t know how to delete the Republic App. When I select the app it doesn’t give an uninstall or delete option. Any advice?


Hi @pdavefm

I believe the Republic app is embedded in the MXP, so it can be disabled, but not uninstalled.

Have you reviewed this thread?.

International Travel with a Republic Phone

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that is correct
RW app seems to be embedded into most MOTO phones
after all MOTO was the mfg that RW worked with at the start…


Actually not completely correct. Moto phones come with a “stub” app that is activated by the Republic SIM. Once activated only a factory reset (without the Republic SIM in the phone) will get rid of it, but that will get rid of it (from view).


OK, thanks @louisdi

(I knew I was missing something). :grinning:


Thanks! I have a 3.0 phone and I know I downloaded the APP from the Google Play store, so I thought I should be able to delete it. I will try the factory reset without the SIM card.

c1tobor, thanks for the link but I need to be able to use a phone in Canada without a wifi connection.


On Moto phones, while you downloaded the full app, the “stub” is present in the system image which is why the factory reset is necessary.


Hi @pdavefm,

We’re sorry to read that you’ll have to leave us, and we wish you the best of luck with your expanded job responsibilities!


It was the Nougat update that added Republic’s stub app to the Moto X Pure. @louisdi is correct that a factory reset without the Republic SIM resident will remove the stub from view. It will, however, not remove it from the phone. Unless, being able to see the Republic app icon in your app drawer is a dealbreaker, you might simply disable it and save yourself the factory reset. The stub occupies a minuscule amount of space.


Now I feel I am right and wrong at the same time…(a stub is something I would find in the washer after going to the movies days earlier).

:stuck_out_tongue: Details, details.


Once disabled it’s no longer visible in my MXP’s app drawer. Zero internal data used shown in both Apps & Storage settings. No reason to remove unless it brings back bad memories.


bad memories is a understatement - like almost everything in life, you get what you pay for…


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