Deleting Voicemails Too Easy

This is not the typical deleting voicemail beef, but here it is: I typically want to go into voicemail via the phone app and tap the speaker button (on the call screen, the speaker is the icon on the right) to play the message on speaker. Problem is, on the voicemail screen, the icon on the right is the delete – the speaker is on the left, so when I’m moving quickly, I go into the voicemail screen, tap the icon on the right without thinking – and delete the message before I’ve had a chance to hear it. No warning, no confirmation, just tap, gone and no way to recover. Can I propose one of two solutions: (1) Move the speaker icon on the voicemail screen to the right, consistent with the call screen, or (2) Add a preference option is settings to prompt for delete confirmation. Make that a select-able option so as not to inconvenience people who don’t need the extra step.



Hi @carlj.sbhlnm

You may certainly do so, however, please know Republic isn’t responsible for the design and cannot fix it. Such design changes would be the prerogative of the phone’s manufacturer and/or Google.

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