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I’ve been a loyal customer since Beta test days, over what? 7, 8? years ago. Still love Republic Wireless! By now I’ve bought more phones from RW than I can count, but there’s one thing that still bugs me with every purchase - why does it take so long for delivery?!? I pay for the express 2 day FedEx shipping, and RW site says something like “often shipped same day if order in by 3 pm EST” and that’s all well and good, but… the FedEx delivery I paid for does NOT deliver, nor even function in the warehouses, on weekends or holidays! Which means unless I put an order in before 3pm on a Monday, I get an additional 2 days where my phone is sitting (often just in the next city!) undelivered and undeliverable …while I have NO means of communication!

We all need our phones these days for everything from calling, texts, Net, calendar, photos etc. But ever since the Oct 2017 wildfires here in No CA my phone is now always on. Always. I live in Ground Zero where 4 fires raged within 1/4 mile - 2 miles from my home. I took my pets and ran for my life at 4 am that night. Almost 6,000 homes burnt up and over 40 people died within the next few days. I only knew of the fires because a neighbor woke me by banging on my door - my phone was turned off and charging as usual.

I don’t do that anymore - now I have not 1 not 2 but 3 apps where I can be notified (by phone call or text) when, not if, an emergency occurs again. However this cell phone is my only phone. Who has landlines anymore? And yes RW has that cool new device - but I’m a disabled senior and can’t afford it. So when someone stole (!) my phone recently, once I verified it was gone I immediately ordered a replacement on RW. I’m still awaiting delivery… Per the FedEx tracking schedule, it has been sitting in a delivery center less than an hour away since Friday 5pm. There are Red Flag warnings up today (evacuation warnings) due to the imminent threat of wildfire… and I have NO PHONE!!! It’s due to be delivered on Monday finally, after ordering it last Wednesday. Needless to say I set up backup people to help, but … As you can see, not only is my phone my lifeline figuratively, it is my lifeline LITERALLY!

Why are we paying for “2 day shipping” when it takes 5 days (on average my last 3 phones from RW) to actually be delivered!?!?!

How about an option to pay for (I’d spring for it!) FedEx 2 day delivery WITH the option to deliver on weekends, not just weekdays?!? Doesn’t seem fair to us as the consumers to pay the extra for 2 day shipping that frankly is NOT. Or how about UPS - which delivers my Amazon packages 7 days a week at no extra charge? At least provide us the OPTION to choose.

Or else explain that 2 day delivery EXCLUDES weekends (I didn’t realize this till today when I researched it). Or, I’m guessing, explain that Next Day Delivery means any day of the week (does it?). Seemed ridiculous to pay $30 for the Expedited Delivery when 2 day was affordable, but now I know… It would’ve been helpful to define this somewhere!

Bottom line - RW please define the delivery verbiage (that “2 day” EXCL weekends and what the Expedited means) and also offer another option/another carrier maybe? for weekeEND delivery. THX all for listening.

Sorry to hear of your frustration.

But, far as I know, it is industry standard when it comes to any shipping quote, to mean “Business days”.

Also, I think the shipping options given to each customer at checkout is chosen based on you location the item is shipped to. Most small companies, have an exclusive contract with one particular shipping company as they receive a volume discount. It also will vary based on the item being shipped. Like, for a sim card, USPS may be the most practical, for a phone, FedEx. etc.

Many folks are spoiled by Amazon Prime who can deliver any day of the week, even same day, in certain areas.

Thanks for the feedback about making the RW checkout process be bit more clear as to nt including weekends. I am sure RW staff will appreciate the feedback.

THX SpeedingCheetah for the input and the perspective. You’re right all around and yes I am spoiled by Amazon. Nevertheless, clarification would help. AS I always say, Couldnt hoit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:

Hi @marlene.ebinger,

For what it’s worth, here’s what I see when selecting two-day shipping at Republic’s online store. If the suggestion is the type needs to be more prominent that’s one thing, however, language that two days means two business days is already there.

I’d also point out that much has changed with Republic since those early beta test days. Specifically, Republic compatible phones are widely available from third party retailers including Amazon. Some of those third parties (Best Buy and Walmart as examples) might even be local.

When sourcing phones elsewhere there remains the potential challenge of procuring a needed Republic SIM but in some cases a Republic SIM may be transplanted from one’s existing Republic phone to a new Republic compatible phone. Amazon also sells Republic’s bring your own SIM though depending upon one’s location that SIM might not provide ideal cellular coverage. It would, however, in a pinch get a Republic compatible phone up and running on WiFi even if the cellular coverage attached were not ideal. Particularly, if the cellular coverage attached to Republic’s standalone bring your own SIM is a good fit for one’s area, I’d go as far as suggesting one keep a spare SIM on hand. Then, presuming local availability, one might source a replacement locally in the event of a lost, stolen or damaged phone.

My response to your post isn’t intended to minimize your circumstances. Last year’s Camp Fire (and I’m sure others) was a tragedy of epic proportions. I’m simply trying to point out, there are more options for dealing with the need to acquire a Republic compatible phone on short notice than ever before.


Thank you - very informative. I did read the “excl weekends and holidays” but sadly I interpreted that as RW’s days of business, since I get other deliveries 7 days a week.
I will check into a spare to have on hand tho and look into your suggestions THX!

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Hi @marlene.ebinger,

For the sake of clarity, I was referring to keeping a spare Republic SIM around not an extra phone (though if within one’s budget it’s not a bad idea either). In addition to keeping a spare Republic SIM or two around I actually keep a spare AT&T and Verizon Prepaid SIM as well.

I’m on the other end of the country from you (South Florida). Here we don’t prepare for wildfires but we do prepare for hurricanes. Some might consider the alternative SIMs to be overkill but In the aftermath of one of those, one never knows in advance whose infrastructure might be working. I hope never to need to activate those SIMs but I’d rather have and not need than need and not have.


Agree Roland, better safe than sorry. No matter where we live there are emergency situations, weather related or not, and its good to be prepared. My “go bag” is packed. Imagine yours has your SIM cards in it :wink:

Actually I’m now looking into the RW Home Phone Adapter, using a landline, as well. During the wildfires here the cell phone towers all exploded, (explosions every few seconds) leaving us with little to no service during the fire and its aftermath. Now they’ve updated the equipment (too little, too late) and have hopefully better alert communications to tell us BEFORE the emergency is already happening, and in various ways. A landline might be helpful. Several SIM cards, from various companies is a good idea too, cant hurt for sure…as well as (duh) uploading the pix I take on a daily basis, cuz now all my phone pix on my 2 month old stolen phone are lost. Or maybe just get a darn backup phone, I’ll need it sooner vs later probably… Live and learn. Thank you Rolandh for your valuable input! Stay safe in hurricane country!

Please do remember that the Extend Home Adapter is not a traditional landline. It requires that you have both power and internet service for it to work. It may not be the best for true emergency service. That said, there are plenty of areas (like where I live) where there is no such thing as a traditional landline as copper was never run to my house when it was built, only fiber was, which also requires power at my house to run.

THX Louisdi Youre right there! It will NOT help then in emergencies. I’ll keep working on it. TTHX!

Members may want to look at the RW BYOP phones and the RW SIM card kit at when a faster shipping/delivery option is needed.

Some members like to keep a spare BYOP SIM card handy just in case a replace phone is needed TODAY. For those using the 3.0 Clear Choice plan with the RW GSM provider compatible card those cards are usually able to be removed from the old to new phones for use giving members the option to purchase a new phone locally the same day.


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If you have one of the Legacy phones from the 1.0 or 2.0 plans…then you do have the option to reactivate them on a 2.0 Refund Plan while you wait for your new phone.

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Some phones are set up to automatically upload your photos. My Android uploads my photos to Google Photos. You may want to check and see if you have it set up to do that.

The Home Extend would work as long as you have power as a backup phone. Right now, while you are waiting for the phone delivery it would receive your phone calls on your phone number. It would also ring (again, assuming power) when someone calls your cell phone. I know I hear the Home Extend handset before my cell at nighttime.

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Epilogue to all who helped me, and are interested:

After the (totally warranted and unnecessary) blackout here in No CA I cleaned well and FOUND MY (original) PHONE! So now I do have a backup (the replacement phone, whihc is a lesser model)) with which to also access RW, contacts, etc Also, I followed the advice here and bought not 1 but 2 Hello SIM card kits on Amazon - right now theyre only $1 for 3 different sizesin the kit - a great value!!! Good to have on hand as many of you suggested. So thanks to all of you for your support and wise advice, I heeded it and now I’m ready for anything. Well let’s not tempt fate… I’m as prepared as I know how anyway. :wink:

LOVE RW and all the wonderful customer support and executive support here. A keeper for sure!

Thanks all


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