Delivery time longer than advertised for replacement phones

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Did not get help when contacting Republic Chat through my computer about the delivery of my phone being longer than told.

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My phone was ordered at 7:00 in evening of Thursday, 23rd, Shipped on Friday, 24th. There was a holiday on Monday, 27th. My phone is not scheduled to be delivered until the 29th. I paid $13.95 for delivery in 2 days. Even with the holiday it should have arrived on the 28th. When I logged into my account on line to get help, I was told I needed to give my credit card number or a PIN number. I do not give out my card numbers to just anyone and I have NEVER been given a PIN number since I was logged into my account with my PASSWORD. Republic needs to either look at their policy on this or instruct those helping people that if someone is logged into their account. They have the right to get HELP.

Hi @gailb.xn2uw5,

Thanks for sharing your concerns in our Community.

The request for specific identification when using chat is strictly to protect your privacy - it keeps others from contacting us pretending to be you.

You can set your PIN using these instructions, it’s not something we set for you:

Two-day shipping requires two business days for delivery. If the order shipped on Friday the 24th, Tuesday is the first business day, and Wednesday is the second business day. The 29th would be the anticipated delivery date.

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