Deluge of spam calls

Ever since I answered a random call a week or so ago just to see who [redacted] is calling (without me saying anything), the volume of spam calls per day from random numbers has increased dramatically. Is anyone else having this problem too?

I am located in the Southeast U.S. I have configured RW’s spam call blocking feature but I have no idea if it works - I guess calls don’t ring through if it does work, right?
I also have the app “Should I Answer?” but all of the recent spam calls have been from unknown/unreported numbers and thus they ring through. I looked up several of them and found some are supposedly land lines. Today I have gotten 3 calls from 3 random numbers, two with local area codes and one from Oklahoma.

What more can I or RW do to stop this madness?

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I don’t think there is much you can do. These calls are likely coming from callerIDs that are spoofed (the caller just inserts a callerID independent of the actual identity of the caller). STIR/SHAKEN is a technology framework designed to reduce fraudulent robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing. STIR stands for Secure Telephony Identity Revisited. SHAKEN stands for Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs.

The FCC has adopted rules requiring service providers to deploy a STIR/SHAKEN solution by June 30, 2021. Hopefully that has a positive effect on eliminating some of these calls.

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The FCC has proven itself to be useless. Look at how well the do not call works. They’re only interest is to take the information you provide by complaints and fine the offenders. You’re entitled to sue the “offender” for $1500 a pop, but won’t answer do you sue the offender in your state or the state they’re in. Huge difference. “The FTC takes aggressive legal action to make sure telemarketers abide by the Do Not Call Registry. To date, the Commission has brought 151 enforcement actions against companies and telemarketers for Do Not Call, robocall, spoofed caller ID, and assisting and facilitating violations. To date, 147 of these FTC enforcement actions have been resolved, and in those cases the agency has recovered over $178 million in civil penalties and $112 million in restitution or disgorgement.” The people reporting the offenses got squat. “The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) extended its June 2021 deadline for certain small, non-IP, and other voice service providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to reduce illegal and unwanted robocalls but required all providers relying on such extensions to prepare written robocall mitigation plans.” Why should your provider bear the burden? So if small guys like Republic have to eat the cost, look for your bill to go up. Don’t look for anything to come from the FCC except for them to make money.

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congratulations on a perfectly accurate observation of the fcc. It is a typical government entity out to make money off of anybody and anything. In terms of the help of provides for you, don’t hang your hat on it. The do not call registry his collapsed. Other techniques to block spam calls exist most are free and most work better than anything any government entity can do to help you. Stay smart stay safe and stay away from any government entity.

I tend to agree. I checked my status on the National Do Not Call registry and my phone number has been registered since 2011 yet I have received spam calls almost daily over the years. I tried to report unwanted calls but it would not accept the few phone numbers I tried because they weren’t on the registry…how does that make any sense??

I haven’t heard much news about the STIR/SHAKEN implementation so it seems like providers and/or the FCC are just punting the ball.

Anyways, back to the topic, have any of you all experienced increased volume in spam calls lately?

I’ve been in Robo Spam Call “■■■■” since yesterday -78 calls to date. Topic is i cloud spam. Blocking had done nothing to stop the calls and VMs as calls are continuing with a different number. The numbers are local looking numbers.

I was expecting a call from one of my students and mistakenly answered the first one yesterday evening - then the “fresh ■■■■” began - 78 calls to date. But none since I installed Nomorobo. The spam calls go directly to Blocked (Sent to Voicemail Option). 7-Day trial then my card will be charged for a full year of protection. (currently $19.99 per year).

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