Desktop Anywhere App move new messages to top of List

Want to ask for New Messages in the Desktop version of Anywhere App to move to the top of the list automatically. I currently have to scroll down to find out where the new messages are. Thank you.

Hi @davidd.2g16wk,

I moved your post into our feature request topic so I could follow up there and let you know that Anywhere is no longer in development, and we are not building new features into it.

However, what you’re describing is actually how Anywhere typically works. When a new message is received, the conversation it’s in moves to the top of the list.

If that’s not the behavior you’re seeing, you might want to try uninstalling and re-installing Anywhere on that Computer. Clearing something isn’t working as designed.

What kind of computer are you using?


On both of my Windows 10 computers the new messages always appear at the top of the list. That being said, the sender’s picture is almost always a picture of someone else in my contact list. For example, message from on of my granddaughters is associated with my picture.

I worked with support trying everything imaginable to fix this without success. Along the way they suggested I use a Google app ( to message from my computer. That app works but it requires an operational phone whereas Anywhere works when your phone is turned off or otherwise inoperable. I prefer to continue using Anywhere and just ignore the pictures.

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