Desktop app and does it work?

Where do I locate the Anywhere desktop app to put it on my computer desktop?
Does it work well?
My problem is my vision. it is very difficult to see/read text messages.
I’m hoping if the text can message can go to the laptop I might be able to read it better.

Hello @carolb.atceqc
Welcome back to the Community :slight_smile:

You can download a copy here:

It has its hiccups, but I think it will work well for you and your needs.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it… or if you need any help. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. That was helpful and I have down loaded it.

Why does it only show the phone numbers for the text messages instead of the names of the people who texted? Is there a way to get the names attached to the numbers?



You know those “hiccups” I mentioned, that seems to be one of them… :wink:

See if this helps you:

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Republic Anywhere is certainly an option, but there is also Google Messages for web:


Thanks. The hiccup resolved and I can see the names now.


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Thanks for the info on an additional option.


Hey RW Team,

I just want to say I’m really grateful for the desktop version of your app. Without it, I would have had to leave RW and find something else. I use a really old-school phone that doesn’t have QR Code scanning capabilities (and I do actually like it this way). So your desktop app has been AWESOME for me. I hope you will continue to put some of your resources toward the upkeep and updating of the desktop version.



The desktop version of Republic Anywhere has MOSTLY worked great for me during the last several years. Only: a few weeks ago the Windows version on my laptop stopped showing SOME of my contact names. I went through many, many troubleshooting steps to get the contact names showing without success.

Sometimes forcing a sync to the computer resulted in ALL contact names turning into phone numbers. Then SOME names showed up. Then one day all the contacts showed up. At the moment all but one recently added contact name are showing.

The Anywhere “system” outside my phone and computer seems to reset, outside my control or influence.

There are many reasons to like the desktop app, including I can view it on my desktop 42" monitor. I wish it were more seamless on an iPad but that is OK.


My computer (Windows) version of Anywhere is working pretty well lately - except for Contacts added recently. I have gone through all the steps in “Contact Names Missing in Republic Anywhere” - and more - without improvement. Seems that the Anywhere server or somewhere outside my control (not my phone nor computer, nor their apps) is the source of non-showing Contact names. But again, working, pretty well. Please keep Republic Anywhere alive!

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