Desktop app and does it work?

Where do I locate the Anywhere desktop app to put it on my computer desktop?
Does it work well?
My problem is my vision. it is very difficult to see/read text messages.
I’m hoping if the text can message can go to the laptop I might be able to read it better.

Hello @carolb.atceqc
Welcome back to the Community :slight_smile:

You can download a copy here:

It has its hiccups, but I think it will work well for you and your needs.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it… or if you need any help. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. That was helpful and I have down loaded it.

Why does it only show the phone numbers for the text messages instead of the names of the people who texted? Is there a way to get the names attached to the numbers?



You know those “hiccups” I mentioned, that seems to be one of them… :wink:

See if this helps you:

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Republic Anywhere is certainly an option, but there is also Google Messages for web:


Thanks. The hiccup resolved and I can see the names now.


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Thanks for the info on an additional option.


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