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New phone arrived. For fun, I tried to replace battery in old Moto X1. I think I stripped the T3 Torx screws. And the lower tab on the “X8 Mobile Computing system” (Is that the motherboard?) came out from under the lower antenna assembly. So assume I can’t power this thing up at this point. Anyway, old Moto X1 is going bye-bye. Where is my data (contacts, emails, etc) stored physically, how do I find that and destroy it, before I toss this thing in the trash?

Thank you!

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Oooh fun. A hammer and a half hour should take care of it!


could try


Any glass of water should ruin the phone If you haven’t already. Don’t forget to power it on after the soaking!


wear insulated gloves just in case!!!


Thanks everyone! I guess a good soaking and a beating should take care of it. I was wondering more technically speaking where the “internal memory” is located and whether I can find and destroy that piece specifically. I just don’t know what I’m looking for. Moto X 1. Anyone know? I didn’t have a separate SD card.


The memory is in the red square. (For the color blind, it’s almost dead center on the image).



maybe a little more fun… safety first!!!

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Thank you, louisdi! Very interesting! Exactly what I wanted to know!


Nice choice!


Be sure to not puncture the battery, and if willing dispose of it properly.

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