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Added Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+


First, you all rock for compiling this info.

“*Indicates that this phone is CDMA capable, but not yet with Republic at this time.”

Do we know what the requirements or process is for getting phones compatible with RW on CDMA? My current phone is GSM and I have awful coverage, so I’m looking to upgrade, but I’d really like the larger screen associated with the S8+ or S9+.


No, we don’t know. I suspect it has more to do with Sprint than RW.


That sounds like it gets into carrier/manufacturer politics. That’s a bummer. I may have to settle for a smaller screen.

Thanks for the quick reply! Cheers.


Hey @paulw.sr77ri -

If you decide to get a BYOP Galaxy S8+, our internal support team does have the ability to send a CDMA capable SIM for that device after it is activated. (Please note that you will need to activate the phone using a BYOP GSM SIM initially.)


Hey @billg - The S9/S9+ are not available on CDMA right now. However, there are a few other devices that are currently asterisked in the list for which support can send out a CDMA-capable SIM card:

  • Note8
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Moto Z2 Play


Oh wow! Awesome. Thanks for following up with me! I’ve got some budgeting to do now. Support may be hearing from me soon, haha! Thanks again.

* Kudo & Win! *

@billg has updated the CDMA column to reflect the current state based on some additional information received from Republic

* Indicates that this phone is CDMA capable, but not yet with Republic at this time.
** Indicates the phone will work on CDMA but must first be activated on GSM. A service ticket is required.

Can I use a Verizon Pixel 2 with Republic Wireless. Any caveats?
New data plan options not available

Added Moto G6


Might be time to add a column for band 71 as the Samsung S9 and S9+ now support T-Mobile’s extended range LTE 600 Mhz frequency. Many of the new Moto phones to be released this summer should have band 71.


Remove the * from Moto G6 as it will have CDMA @ launch


Added Moto Z3 Play


Added Moto G6 Play


Please note that the Z3 Play and G6 Play are listed only as “Coming soon” in our online store and are not yet supported for BYOP.


Edited in chart to mark both CDMA and GSM as not yet available.


Hi @louisdi, the Moto Z3 Play and G6 Play are now available in our online store with GSM coverage. I’ve updated the wiki.


Thank you @billg for this and @southpaw for pointing it out to me



Yes, this is a very useful table. It was my idea but @drm186 and @louisdi have done the lion’s share of the updating. They deserve most of the credit. We could use a couple of addition columns, especially one for GSM band 71 which should be supported by most new GSM phones going forward but only a couple of the phones you see here.


Well your team work is greatly appreciated… looking forward to my new phone!! RW certainly has gone above and beyond and it will be made aware.


Updated to add B71 data but we’ve run out of column space.