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Seeing how all 3.0 phone support GSM we could remove that column to make room


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I’ve added a tooltip to “Rem Batt” to explain what it means.


Updated S7/S7 Edge to reflect release of Android 8.0 for these phones.
Updated Moto X4 to reflect release of Android 8.1 for this phone.
Updated Moto G4 Play to reflect release of Android 7.1.1 for this phone.
Updated Moto Z Play to reflect release of Android 8.0 for this phone.

Looking for phone recommendations

I’ve modified the inital chart removing the GSM column (as all new phones are GSM capable) and replacing with the type of CDMA SIM the phone uses (which will assist in understanding under what situations the SIM can be moved).


Thanks for all you do here. I don’t understand the “types” and google hasn’t helped me with this. Also, which type(s) can be moved from phone-to-phone?


CDMA SIMs generally can’t be moved phone to phone. However if the phone being moved to has been activated with a GSM SIM, it is usually then possible to move the CDMA SIM after that.

The key is that the type of CDMA SIM can only move between phones that use the same type.

ISIM phone to ISIM phone - I
CSIM phone to CSIM phone - C
SIMOTA phone to SIMOTA phone - OTA


Great! Again, thank you for all you do here.


An activated CDMA SIM card cannot be moved between phones.
If the member needs to move a CDMA SIM card from one phone to another, and both phones support the same type of CDMA SIM card, the CDMA SIM card must first be de-activated. This is most easily accomplished by activating a GSM SIM card on that line of service, which de-activates the CDMA SIM card.


From my understanding
CSIM first gen CDMA SIM only allows for LTE access
ISIM in’is second gen and in theory can allow VoLTE which Sprint does not allow for non Sprint branded phones
OTASIM should at slot like GSM SIMs [swapping phone by swapping SIMs] but time will tell if that actually works


I had already moved @louisdi notes up into the Wiki under ** Notes … please correct as necessary


May be possible to eliminate the CDMA column now since n/a should indicate the phone is not CDMA capable. If not now when we run out of room.



Updated to reflect availability of Pie (9.0) for all Pixel variants.


Tremendous job. Invaluable.


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Updated for SIMOTA Availability


@louisdi, Can you explain in relatively simple terms: (1) "SIMOTA Availability " and (2) “B71”? (Google helped me a bit on B71 but not so much on SIMOTA.)


Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint) uses three different SIM card technologies depending on when the phone came out. Republic wasn’t able to support the latest until today. The fact that they can now, results in this: Coverage Update: Our online store now offers the Moto G6 Play, Moto Z3 Play, and Samsung S9 in more areas The edit I made was to make the chart at the top reflect this.

As far as Band 71. That relates to Republic’s other (GSM) partner. They are in the midst of rolling out enhancements to their coverage, especially in rural areas, using new wireless spectrum in what is known as LTE Band 71. In order for a phone to take advantage of this enhanced coverage, it must be able to access B71.