Detailed Supported Phone Features


Updated Moto G5s+ to reflect 8.1


Added Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL


Updated Moto G5+ to reflect release of Android 8.1


Samsung J3 (2017) updated to reflect Android 8.1


Corrected J3 2018 to show removable battery.

Updated Moto Z and Moto X4 to show OS updates.


Would be cool to have added to the lists which phones have USB C port on them, instead of Micro. That is a big change over as many folks quickly discover they now need to invest in all new cables.


Only so much space to work with natively on the forum page… i get it, though, as things are getting more feature rich…maybe a large document is needed. You could put a link to a bigger Google Doc that is more all in inclusive of more features.


A thought
Utilize the existing Wireless Charging col (which takes up a bit of space)
Call it ‘Charging’ … and combine these as necessary
W = Wireless

@SpeedingCheetah it is a Wiki and can be updated by many … a link outside of the forum creates a larger maintenance headache. This is supposed to be for hi-level important stuff … users would be better off consulting Republics Tech Specs off the Sales pages for full details


I for one consider what type of charging cable i need to use as such a category.
More so than wireless charging etc.
Most folks gonna have more than 1 cable, like a wired car charger etc.
They gonna want to know if all those cables are now not usable on their new phone, that only comes with ONE of them C cables.

Just happened to a buddy of mine. He had no idea that he needed to buy more cables or an adepter. He left his one cable at home and had no way to charge his phone at work or in car…just assuming that the ones he ad before would work, until he went to plug it in. He had a dead phone for hours of his trip across TX, no GPS etc. Most gas stations have yet to sell USB C cords.


Per @Jben’s suggestion to include the USB type that @SpeedingCheetah is looking for I changed Wireless Charging to just Charging and have Wireless, Micro_USB and Type-C


Added Samsung A6


Do we really need the CDMA Yes/No column when we the CDMA Type column? Using NA, No or None may get the point across. Elimination of a column would allow for future expansion if warranted.



How’s that?


How’s what?



Thanks for heads up to top of thread and it looks fine.