Details on converting from Moto E 2nd gen to Moto G6 Play

Does anyone have detailed instructions for converting from a Motorola E 2nd to Motorola G Play?

I did this on my wife’s phone a few months ago and it took me two full days. Now my mother in law has a Play and wants me to set is up. Wish I had taken notes when I did my wife’s. From what I remember the Motorola Migrate software will not work for this.

I want to transfer everything, if possible, like pictures from the Moto E Gallery (not Google Photos), all texts, apps, etc, etc.

I know some of this will come from my Google account like contacts, calendar and others but the pictures on the E are unique. How about all of the apps? How about texts?

I am a little concerned about doing this because she will only be in town for one day.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @prills.wvrml6,

Motorola has indeed unfortunately stopped developing Moto Migrate. Fellow Republic members (Republic likes to call customers members) have created this excellent resource: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone.

There are a variety of third party apps that purport to do what Migrate used to do. For the most part, I’ve not found them to be particularly helpful. Recently though I stumbled across this one:

Surprisingly, to me, the company developing the app is part of Target. I’ve not used it extensively, however, it’s getting some excellent reviews and looks promising.

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Thanks for responding. I used the info in the forum link you provided to do my wifes phones but it still took forever. The Switch app looks interesting.

Republic help also replied and gave me this link Can Republic Wireless Transfer Data to My New Phone? – Republic Help

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Did the migration the other day. Google took care of a lot of it. All apps came over. For some reason when I did my wifes all of the apps did not migrate. I used Google Photo to get pictures from the Gallery app on the Moto E.

I used SMS Backup and Restore (free app) to get all text messages and phone messages to the new phone. It was very easy to use.

Only took a couple of hours for the whole process.

Thanks Rolandh for your help.

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