Device manager on Moto G6 is using tons of data


What phone do you have?
Moto G6

What plan are you on?
Unlimited Talk + Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Just talk + text

Issue Description

Hello RW Community!
I am asking this question for a friend, who is also a RW member. She recently purchased a Moto G6 and is on the Unlimited Talk + Text plan. A couple of times she has purchased data (1 GB for $5) but she claims she “runs out” in two hours. I tried trouble-shooting the issue with her, and noticed when examining her data usage that an app called com.motorola.ccc:10011 was using LOTS of data–over 700 MB. I also have this app on my phone (a Moto G5S Plus ) and it has only used 64 KB. How do we get this app to stop using so much data on my friend’s phone?
Thanks in advance!


This app is part of Motorola Update Services and is part of the security patch update process. Ask your friend to connect to wifi and make sure the phone is fully updated. Hopefully once it is, that process will not have any data to transfer.


Thanks you louisdi! I will have her try that.


Hi again!
So we checked and it looks like her phone is up to date. Do you have any other suggestions?



Hi @julietg,

Did the app consume that large amount of data on a single day or across multiple days?


HI @southpaw, we are checking on that. I told her to write down the data usage yesterday at noon and to check it again today. I will report back–thanks!