Device MR Progress Report 7/18/16


Welcome back. Here’s the latest update on the Moto E (1st Gen.).

We have some great news to share. The Moto E (1st Gen.) Lollipop software build did indeed make it to the lab, if a couple of days late, on July 14th, and is enjoying it’s time in the luxurious Sprint lab. (I’m obviously trying to make it sound more glamorous than it is… it’s sitting on a shelf while waiting for tests to be run)

In these scenarios, no news is good news. We haven’t heard anything so far, so we expect to hear good news and a passing grade by the middle of next week, the 27th. Think good thoughts….

After that, we have a confluence of events….

As we said in our last update, we were working with our tech support teams to determine capacity for support as we are launching a plethora of new devices on July 28th and want to make sure that Moto E (1st Gen.) members get our full attention to make sure that if there are issues, we are on top of them and helping you out.

Based on that conversation, our current plan is to start the soak for the Moto E on August 18th. This test will run for a week and devices will be selected at random. The push of the build to all devices will start the week of August 25th.

We will publish another update on August 1st to confirm the details and rollout schedule. If, for whatever reason, the device doesn’t exit the lab this week, I will post an update to the blog with details of the changed schedule.

If you missed the update a couple of weeks ago, here’s the link to that update.

  • Device MR Update 06/28/16
    [If the OS release process is new to you, please see this PWK blog post for some background on what goes into the OS release process.]

As always, stay WiFi my friends.