Device MR Progress Report 8/3/16


Welcome back to another update on the Moto E (1st Gen.).

The Moto E (1st Gen) Lollipop build has one low level issue that we are trying to resolve with the lab. We don’t believe this will be a hold up for rollout, but it has delayed the release of the build from the lab by a few days. We hope to have Technical Acceptance (aka Lab Exit) by the end of this week.

If we get the TA this week, it will not impact the proposed plan we talked about in the last post.

To reiterate, our current plan is to start the soak for the Moto E on August 18th. This test will run for a week and devices will be selected at random. The push of the build to all devices will start the week of August 25th.

Here’s a link to the previous Update if you would like to read in more detail.

Device MR Progress Report 7/18/16

I will post another update on the 16th to let you know the plans for the soak etc.

As always, stay WiFi my friends.