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I just bought a Moto x pure edition model XT1575 thru amazon. I purchased a sim card from republic wireless. I put the sim card in and attempted to install app thru the google play store. I then got the “this device is not compatible with this version” HELP! THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING! I really wanted to sign up with republic wireless but I cannot get anyone to call me and fix this.


what is the OS level (it may have come with 5.1.1 and you will need to update to 6.0 before you can activate)


Good Morning @debd.0wi67f,

The other thing to check, once you’ve verified that your Moto X Pure is on Android 6.0 rather than 5.1.1 as suggested by @drm186, is to be certain you’re downloading the correct version of Republic’s app. There are two versions in Google’s play store. You want this one: Republic - Android Apps on Google Play.

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