Dexcom G6 Glucose Monitoring, Which Republic Phone Are You Using?

Anyone using the Dexcom G6 with a Republic plan. If so what Android phone are you using?
Dexcom mentions >>*If device is not listed, it is not compatible with the Dexcom product

Hi @rogert.kyl8vk,

I presume you are referring to Dexcom’s G6 glucose monitoring system. I mention that because Republic supports both the Moto G6 and Moto G6 Play phones and I want to avoid any potential confusion. I hope you’ll excuse some light edits to your thread title

I am planning to upgrade after seeing responses!

I can’t see my 3 replies? I presume 1 is yours (Its fine) , so I guess I have two replies. I signed in.

@rogert.kyl8vk There are no answers other than the one from @rolandh I’m afraid it seems there isn’t much in the way of usage of the Dexcom in the Republic community.

I’m also interested in hearing from anyone who’s successfully used the Dexcom G6 CGM system with a Republic Moto phone.

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