DFS Channel Scanning Disabled Moto X (Gen. 1)

Any way you guys, Republic Wireless, can push an update to Gen. 1 Moto X to enable DFS Channel Scanning?

This is a pretty big flaw for a phone that is supposed to use WiFi, and I do want to say DFS was supported at one time.

The issue is the WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini file.

In that file the following is set.

That disables half of the US 5 Ghz band.

Can you change that to gEnableDFSChnlScan=1?

The Channel used for WiFi is set by the Router, not by the phone … so AFIK RW or our phones have not control of this, I thought that if a router allowed a DFS channel to be programmed, it had to have a non DFS channel designated for fail over (don’t have time to dig into it now, perhaps you can add some reference and I can educated myself a bit tomorrow?

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To directly answer your question, I believe it’s a simple no. The Moto X one is no longer supported from a software update perspective. Motorola is no longer building the OS for it, and Republic never pushed the updates in the first place, they were pushed by Motorola. As far as the OS and any OTA updates, that phone is a dead duck.


just adding I don’t think any android phone from 2013 is still be supported by the OEM

The phone scans for available channels. With DFS scanning turned off the phone never will see access points and routers that are set to DFS channels. So basically the Moto X gen 1 is a partially nurtured 802.11ac WiFi VoIP phone. Really this was a huge screw up on the side of Motorola and I have to say Republic wireless as well. Where is the Quality Control? Would love to edit the file, but can not since it is system locked.

Here is a screenshot of Wi-Fi Alliance’s Certificate for the XT1019 (Moto X 1st gen)
Corrected image 5/9/19

Search of the Wi-Fi Alliance Product Finder does not result in any phones with DFS included, and I haven’t found a good reference to see what phones support DFS (or if specific support is needed)
For others… here is some additional information from SmallNetBuilders DFS Selection FAQ

  • Additional WiFi Alliance info on DFS added 5/9/19
  • Chart showing channels affected (AFIK it is up to the AP/Router to make the switch when radar is detected)

Except that it doesn’t support 802.11ac. It is strictly a b/g/n device.

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Except you were looking at wrong phone. XT1019 is Moto E, not Moto X Gen 1.

jben - You do not understand the issue. Without DFS scanning the phone is blind to access points using DFS, the phone can not connect to them if the phone can not locate them because DFS channel scanning is disabled.

Again this is not a software issue, this is a setting issue. No software needs changed, only the setting needs changed. I am surprised Republic does not have a way to make these changes.

You’re surprised that Republic doesn’t have the ability to make changes on the software they never controlled in the first place on a six-year-old phone?

Besides that this phone has been out of support for longer then it was in support at this point. In cell phone years this phone is now approximately 180 years old.

DFS channels is not recommend to use on 5ghz wifi anyway.
Radar, such as Weather Radar, or Radar used by planes and other vehicles etc, share these frequencies and FCC regulation require the wifi AP to immediately force change itself to a non DFS channel if it detects Radar and stay there for at least 30 min. With my Ubiquiti AP, it will only change back to the set DFS channel at 2am the next morning. So this can create big havoc for large scale wifi AP implementations say at a business or school that have a carefully constructed channel layout. Of, if, like me, all the other non DFS channels are already in heavy use and congested.

Thanks for bringing my attention to the screenshot that I apparently posted in error.
I have updated the comment above with the data from the Moto X (1st Gen) 1049

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