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My wife and I have Moto G6 and G7 phones for several months. When we’re at home, our cell phone signal seems weaker than when we are out and about. The people we call can’t hear us very well when we’re at home unless we use an earpiece: Bluetooth or wired. We’ve adapted by always using an earpiece when we’re at home. However, I randomly used the Republic Diagnostic Test for the first time. I passed all of the tests except “Cell Network Operator: The cell network is not one of Republic’s partners.” Now I’m wondering if the problem with our audio might be related to this failure. See attached screenshot. Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice.

Hi @dbrew,

That particular diagnostic is known to give a false positive. I think if you look through the full logs, you’ll find that it’s reporting the Cell Network Operator as a five-digit number, when it actually needs to be a six-digit number. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the cell tower you’re connected to, only that the data the app is reading is not the right string.

Wouldn’t these be WiFi calls when you’re at home? Your screenshot, for example, shows you are connected to WiFi.

Thanks for the speedy reply, as always. Under “Cell Network Operator” it reads “FAIL:312250”

Yes, I am using WiFi at home and have a great signal and router. I have always found it odd that we need to wear earpieces for voice calls to work properly. Up until this error code, I assumed that my inexpensive phone was the culprit.

Okay, so it is six digits, but is not a number the app recognizes. The list of network operator codes the app checks against may not be up to date. Still, this is not the cause of lower outbound audio volume when you’re home on WiFi.

Instead of connecting to an external mic, have you tried manually handing the call over to cell? You can do that by either turning off WiFi on the phone while you’re in the call, or by enabling manual handover and then tapping that notification when you’re in a call.

I’d be interested to know if the call originates on WiFi and you experience low outbound audio volume, then you move that same call to cell, does the outbound audio increase?

We have seen low outbound audio volume on WiFi as an issue reported on some Moto phones, and we’re looking into a solution.

Thanks, as always. I will check this out and let you know.


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