Dial Conference Numbers

I would like to have the phone be able to call into conference numbers, lie ■■■■■■■■■■■■■23148657
The general response so far is that the phone will not call numbers longer than 10 characters. This is severely limiting.

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Hi @henrys.7i34p6 and welcome to the Community!

The feature you’d like to see is something we’ve seen requested before. Perhaps, your topic will spark a new conversation on that.

You are, however, correct, presently Republic’s service does not support pauses and waits for dialing into conference bridges. At this time, it’s 10-digit dialing only.

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Agreed with this. It would be useful. I would also be interested in the technical limitations behind this. Is it because RW is an MVNO?

No, it is because of the unique hybrid calling that Republic does, and without getting technical there’s stuff going on in the background to pass your call that prevents the additional digits from being passed.

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